What rhymes with fountain stew?


So about a year ago, we got asked to do a label for a famous beverage brand that rhymes with “Fountain Stew” haha. It was a part of a large project called the #DewnitedStates where they would have a different label for every state as a part of a collect them all summer promotion. We chose Florida and Alabama since we live in Florida and I have several family members that are from Alabama and because my vintage country illustration style fits it perfectly. It was a super fun project and we almost forgot about it because the work was done so far in advance. I mean fifty labels is a lot. Till my graphic caught my eye walking through our local Publix. It was super cool to be able to walk into just about any store and see your artwork. Below is some of the process and final products. Logo Excluded for confidentiality purposes of course. – TRON

Check out mountaindew.com/world/alabama to read more about the label we created!




They even created animations loosely based off the label content that was played on TV and and at gas station pumps across the nation!


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