WALK THE MOON Poster Florida


Recently we had the pleasure of getting to work with “The Wizard of Merch” Mr. Brian Stowell again on a rad gig poster but this time we did something we usually don’t do, Make a poster for a band we aren’t already super fans of. Luckily the internet is a place of instant knowledge so after getting the email we took a quick listen and immediately liked what we heard.

Being a fan of almost all 80’s music, Walk the Moon grabbed me with a very interesting sound that I could only describe as Talking Heads vs Devo with a big side of The Police. Impossible you say? I think not.

The latest record Talking Is Hard is a tiny bit on the pop side but nothing that a grown man such as myself would be embarrassed to sing out loud in the car. The record has become one of my fav’s this year and every time I put it on it ends up just playing on repeat for several hours so needless to say, I dig it.

Now that you have the back story on the band I’ll tell you a little bit about the poster. After watching a few videos of their live performances and a really good cover of Burning Down The House, I could see these guys have a very bright and lively style with a strong nod to 80’s culture but with a very modern spin on it.

So my immediate thought was, how can I portray this bands vibe in the most simple way possible while referencing an 80’s flare but still making a print that someone would want to hang up in their home that didn’t look like MTV threw up on the wall? Shapes, Texture, Type, Raw Color, and Light Cream Paper that’s how. While my sketches didn’t represent how this poster would look in the end, the basic idea of the shapes making the letter forms was there and the textures / over printing really ended up tying it all together.

I wasn’t really sure in the begging where this project was gonna go, but the end results where two fold. I made a poster that caused me to step out of my recent comfort zone that I am really proud of, and I found some rad new music to jam out to. So SHUT UP AND DANCE Bitches!!! – Tron

If you weren’t able to attend the show or just really like the poster, we now have a few copies up for sale in our ONLINE STORE. But don’t sleep on, cause there is less than 20 copies available!


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