The Wild Feathers at Willie Nelson’s Luck TX


So earlier this year we had the pleasure of working with The Wild Feathers and Standard Deluxe on a print for The Heartbreaker Banquet at Willie Nelson’s Luck, TX and we absolutely jumped at the chance. I actually had the idea for this poster much earlier and had planned to make it as just an art print, but when we saw the list of bands available for the lineup The Wild Feathers just jumped out us. We hadn’t previously heard of them, but once I gave it a listen I was immediately drawn to it and it seemed to fit the poster concept perfectly. If you haven’t heard of them do yourself a favor and give it a spin. We were super excited about it and the poster came out great. You just can’t go wrong with mason jar’s, feathers & French Madero Beach.

We would like give a special thanks to Aaron Gresham and Scott Peek from Standard Deluxe of Waverly Alabama for the opportunity to work on a great poster for such a cool event. Just check out that awesome merch setup in the photo above. We also feel truly honored to be able to do poster work along side some other really great talents in Dirk Fowler and Methane Studios. You can find their posters and links below.

Thanks again to everyone involved and keep an eye out for the poster in our store real soon! – TRON