The Society of Killustrators Part 2

An awesome thing about getting invited to be a part of the Society of Killustrators is after you’re done you get to invite someone else. Lucky for me, Grease (aka Kendrick Kidd) chose me like smokey chose the bandit! My initiation assignment was to do a new interpretation of the album art for Creedence Clearwater Revival’s, Bayou Country. The image above is the final product, and after playing Creedence on loop in my head for the last too weeks, thats exactly where Im going, Down to the Bayou for some Gator Tail. And hopefully the person I referred will take the bait, cause we’ll all be eatin some visual crawfish dinners! – TRON

Some quick background info on The Society of Killustrators ( a loose group functioning on an invite-only basis that was built to hone a craft, further a trade, and stay in contact while playing a creative game with no winner. And a chance to see how people in our field answer the same riddles laid before them ).

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