The National Poster Retrospecticus

Halftone Def is proud to say that we will be a part of the National Poster Retrospecticus traveling poster show coming to a town near your starting April 3rd! The NPR is a show of more than 300 hand-printed event posters from over 75 of the best poster designers in the country. The event is produced and curated by Mr JP Boneyard who we would like to send a huge bear paw handshake of thanks for giving us the invite. This show has some pretty heavy hitters stepping up to the plate so we couldn’t be more stoked to be a part of it. Each date has a custom designed and screen-printed poster by one of the attending artist to go along with the event and each poster on display will have a few copies for sale as well. If you live near one of these cities get off your keester and make the trip out to see the show, you def don’t want to miss it! – TRON

Click here to visit the National Retrospecticus site and get more details and info on dates, artists, and more!