THE MOMENTUS PROJECT – Hurricane Katrina

Grease (aka Kendrick Kidd) was recently asked by @EvanStremke to do an illustration representing the Hurricane Katrina Disaster for THE MOMENTUS PROJECT – A collaborative project in which a select group of designers, illustrators, and artists create visual interpretations of the most defining moments in United States history as a way of informing others of our proud, yet sometimes troubled and forgotten past.

“Hailing from North Florida, this project was real close to home for us so we are proud to represent this moment in history the best we can along side of so many other great illustrators who also participated in this project.” – Grease

The Hurricane Katrina Disaster
In August of 2005, the twelfth tropical depression of the summer had formed over the southeastern Bahamas, and was upgraded to a tropical storm just one day later, at which point it was given the name Katrina. The storm continued to move toward Florida and only became a hurricane just two days before making landfall in the United States, and had grown from a category 3 to a category 5 in under nine hours. Throughout the disaster, both local governments and the national government were criticized for their preparation, response, and overall involvement in relief efforts. In the end, over $80 billion in damage was done, leaving over 1,800 confirmed dead.

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