The Manstache – Poster for BEARDS & BRUSHES

Willie Nelson

So this is a piece that I did in collaboration with local photog JENSEN HANDE after seeing this epic “Manstache” photo on his portfolio site. After running across this image, I contacted Jensen about wanting to do this illustration because of the immense detail in the photograph and how well these type of shots lend themselves to making rad illustrations. I knew that I could take what Jensen had done with showing the detail in the stache itself and flip in my own way and simplify the hair and show more detail on the lips and skin in a very simplified way that would translate into a very clean 2-3 color screen print. I’m pretty stoked about how it came out and the colors are a little different than my usual but the skin tones just kinda found there way on there and stuck. Thanks to Jensen for the opportunity and I can’t wait to print them. -TRON