Thanks Ya’ll – Creative South 2014


We just wanted to give a brief thanks to everyone who come out to the Creative South in GA last weekend! All the attendees, vendors, speakers, and the entire creative south crew for making this southern event possible. We had such a fun time speaking, meeting everyone, having dinner/drinks, and getting to spend some good quality time with all the people who’s work we admire and look up to and all the great people who support us in what we do as well. Everyone was so nice and just really down to earth good folks.

Thanks to everyone who came and purchased a shirt or poster from us, it was amazing to see people wearing them around and all the awesome photos of the posters along with all the other great vendors that we’re there too. If you missed us at our booth (Sorry We Just couldn’t miss seeing this great lineup of speakers) We will have most of the posters and shirts that was there up in our store in a few days.

As most of you that saw our presentation know, I can truly speak for both @Kendrick Kidd and myself when I say they we are on cloud nine right now and we don’t ever want it to end… ever. In fact I’m going to get a @Nick Slater peach logo tattooed on my left butt cheek this afternoon. Also, please disregard all the terrible run on sentences and bad grammar in this post, as we are still to excited to even double check it.

Also, if you have any photos of us speaking, or photos with us, please shoot them over to us in an email ( as we would love to ad them to this post and show them off to our Momma’s!

See Ya’ll Next Year,
Love TRON & Grease!