SWEET N FLOUR – Logo & Stamp Packaging

It’s Pretty Simple actually… My wife Marisa Makes Delicious Handmade Baked Goods, I love her very very much and we Definitely love the goods. So when the time came to make her a logo that would encompass everything about her, We put all our love into it. Grease took what I had started, Rounded the edges and dotted the lines (literally) & made what I thought was good better. And the final product came out awesome as you can see. A cute little curvy logo seal with bows, cupcakes and pies tucked neatly inside… Just like Marisa. You will be seeing much much more of this logo in the future, cause were just preheating the oven!

Visit www.sweetnflour.com to see pics and recipes of all Marisa’s wonderful Baked Goods!