SPAMERICA Tour Poster Jacksonville


We recently had the great pleasure of working with one of America’s most classic food brands SPAM on a poster for the Jacksonville leg of the SPAMERICA Tour! It was a pretty awesome experience, from the sketch phase right down to the actual event. We jump at the chance to represent our hometown on pretty much any occasion but for a brand as big as SPAM and as one of only 13 cities on the tour we were stoked.


So how do you summarize a city as big and diverse as Jacksonville without using any recognizable landmarks or trademarked brands? You pick the most random and locally know landmark there is and give him a little makeover, thus the J-Rex is born. And we sprinkled a few more icons in there for good measure just to make sure we covered all of our basis. Add the SPAM signature colors and Done!



Thanks to everyone who stopped by and snagged a print or two and some “SPAMples” as I like to call them. I also wanted to give a quick thanks to my good friends Tim Styles and Hogan Birney at Mama’s Sauce for a rad print job and CKY / JPB for the referral. Last but not least EAT SOME SPAM yall! – TRON.


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