Sorry Folks, We had to go Back to the Future!

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I know its been a real long time since we posted any news or any new work but we had to take a nice little end of the year trip back to the future with our good friends Marty and Doc. Basically we had a whole lot of stuff to get done and not enough time to do it in so bought a Delorean, contracted the help of a couple of friends and we are coming back swinging in 2010. As you may have noticed the store has been down for a week or so because we are overhauling our whole site to make it a better experience for both you the user and us the creator. We wanted to have a store that was built into our site and make it easier for us to upload new work. So good things are coming soon. Also we got a bunch of work in that time so we have a gang of stuff to show you when the new site goes live. So for now just stay tuned cause we will posting as frequent as we can till the new stuff is up! As always thanks for checking us out, TRON & Grease!