Sir Barton 1919 Triple Crown Print & Shirt


Super Rad thanks to Tim Jones and the fine folks over for giving me the opportunity to work on this awesome poster of Sir Barton for Americas Best Racing. Sir Barton was the first horse to ever win the triple crown, though he won it before it actually existed, cue the hidden 3/B with the crown on it, Read More Here. Also thanks to Mama’s Sauce for the awesome print job. They really do make magic!


Product shots courtesy of Americas Best Racing and Team Cornett – Thanks for making us look good!

It’s definitely going to be a big week for this poster and print, Tuesday Tim wrote me to let me know that my Sir Barton poster was heading to the Kentucky Derby this week to have all the Jockeys sign a few copies for a special promotion which is awesome and that some well know folks like Jim Rome, Collin Cowherd, and Drew Brees would be getting special deliveries of the poster and tee. I didn’t even have time to write him back before I got another email from the great people over at Dribbble to let me know they had featured Sir Barton on the Weekly Replay (Read It Here) along with some of my other good buds Clark Orr, Ryan Brinkerhoff, and Mama’s Sauce. So it’s off to the races this week and if you happen to be there or watching on tv and spot Sir Barton walking around in the gallery, give us a shout cause we’d love to see it! – TRON


If you are really into horses or just like the design, you can hop on over to America’s Best Racing and PURCHASE ONE HERE or pick them up at the Kentucky Derby as well. Also, we were very honored to be featured in this series with Brad Mancuso’s Count Fleet and Rachael Sinclair’s Gallant Fox Prints