Save “My Name is Earl” Poster Camaign

Save Earl!

So for the last couple of days, I have been working on a Series of posters about men with epic Mustache’s. And It just so happened that while I was working on Earl ( Jason Lee ) I saw on twitter that “My Name Is Earl” my favorite show, had been canceled via @WilfridDierkes aka MNIE show creator Greg Garcia. Needless to say I was Pissed! After more investigation, I found out that ABC or FOX might be interested in the show and that they had created a twitter petition @earltwitition which is quit possibly the first of its kind. So being the huge fan I am, I took which was the weirdest coincidence ever, and turned it into a SAVE EARL poster to try and help. If you watch the show its all about Earl’s list of things he has done wrong in his life and is trying to fix one by one. Which is why I chose to present the illustration on Yellow Crumpled up paper. Turned out pretty good I think on such short notice. For once I was ahead of the eight ball and I’m not gonna let it get away. So here it is, DOWNLOAD IT, Print copies and post it around the office and most importantly the web. Greg Garcia (Show Creator) is sending every tweet and re-tweet to NBC, ABC, and FOX in hopes of turning the tide. And hopefully, he will be stoked when he see’s the direct message from twitter with the link to this poster in it… cross your fingers and hope he is stoked. Over and Out… TRON.

Twitter Links: @WilfridDierkes | @earltwitition | @EthanSuplee | @Alyssa_Milano


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