Rhett and Link “Up to This Point” Album Art


Like many creatives, We are always on the lookout for those rare and near perfect set of circumstances that present a client, who is not only looking for a little more than the norm, but is also trusting enough to let you find it…We call them “unicorn projects”. Back in July Grease was asked about designing some album art for the super talented, North Carolina-based comedy duo, Rhett & Link. Hmmmm… music, comedy, cool folks & package design… yep, it def. smelt like a unicorn to us. I’m happy to report that the project, and the experience did not disappoint. Working with talented, and down-to-earth folks like these made this project about as satisfying as they come. A huge, heartfelt thank you to both Rhett and Link for the work, and all the trust that went into producing it. -GREASE