Ray Lamontagne Gig Poster – Jacksonville FL


We are truly excited to finally be able to show our latest hand-screened concert poster for the Ray Lamontagne, Jenny Lewis, and Belle Brigade show in our hometown of Jacksonville, Florida tomorrow on 7.15.2014. We have had this one in the works for quite a while and this print is definitely a new mark for Halftone Def not only in hours involved in design but the size of the print run, colors and the execution.


Everything these amazing singer songwriters do is completely original and hand crafted so we spared no expense on this one as all the flowers are individually arranged just as you would a real bouquet and all of the type and lettering is completely hand drawn to give it that real vintage look. We also took another big step up in our screen printing as this poster uses more halftones than we have ever tried to print… ironically.


How we ended up on a Vintage Tea Tin with flowers instead of Motorcycles or Muscle cars which was an optional part of the original brief for Ray’s latest album SUPERNOVA is beyond me. Usually we would be chomping at the bit to do a poster like that, but after giving the new album a few spins, you could definitely feel that 60’s and 70’s era “Good Old Days” feel to it. And given the venue here in the deep south of North Florida this idea just felt like a natural juxtaposition of all those elements. A dash of the days past, Something old made new again, and sprinkle of southern charm all steeped in a melting pot of some serious soul.

We will have a hand full of copies for sale the day after the show in our online store, so check it! – Tron