Hot Wheels… that’s right, I said Hot Wheels. Those awesome little die-cast metal cars that are so cool it takes everything I have not to go down that isle in Target even in our mid 30′s. Yeah that Hot Wheels.

A few months back Grease (Kendrick Kidd) had the opportunity to work with Dan Janssen of Soup Graphix on a small piece of a branding book he, and SG were putting together for Hot Wheels. As you can imagine, when the email came through we about lost our minds up in hurrr. Working on anything for this iconic brand from our years as snot-nosed bastards seemed like a mid-day Mexicoke & fish burrito hallucination. The project came through fast, but the direction was on point and The Kidd dropped another one in the book! Click here to read more on the blog. – TRON

  • Project Type: Poster, Icon Set, Logo
  • Skills Needed: Illustrator
  • Client: Hot Wheels
  • Project Date: June 26th, 2014
  • Website: