Who Is Halftone Def, and Whats With The Monkeys?


Levi “Tron” Ratliff

Illustrator, Designer, Screen Printer

Favorite Quote:
People Don’t Think It Be Like It Be But It Do – T.Pain

Favorite Movies:
Forrest Gump, Stand By Me, JAWS



Kendrick Kidd

Illustrator, Designer, Screen Printer

Favorite Quote:
Be true to yourself, and you will never fall. – Beastie Boys

Favorite Movies:
Lady and the Tramp, Blue Crush


Studio Biography

Halftone Def is dastardly looking duo comprised of two Good Ole’ Boys from the south who might look tough but really ain’t never meanin’ no harm! Truth be told, Levi “Tron” Ratliff & Kendrick Kidd spend most of their days in the garage wrenching away on a few sweet logo’s, t-shirts, or skateboards but they both jump at the chance to flex their opposable thumbs on some hand tuned screen printed posters! But rest assured, there ain’t a day that goes by without those two putting down a couple of cold ones and talking trash about who’s got bigger chops! Halftone Def Studios – 100% Hand Tuned Design

What Process?

We often get asked how we work as a studio and who does what, but the simple fact is we both do it all. Sure we have our own individual quirks and preferences, but when it comes to executing a particular style or look, if one of us starts the project the other can finish it. We also love the challenge of trying out different techniques and expanding our skill sets as much as possible. As far as how we disperse the work, it usually depends on current projects and availability. We try to collaborate and split the projects up when we can but depending on the situation we will choose to take on certain projects individually.

Featured Brands

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