LUCERO – Tallahassee Show Jean Label Poster

Our good Friends over at the Dog & Pony Show, hooked us up with a sweet gig to do a LUCERO poster for the upcoming Tallahassee show date. We jumped at the opportunity and unlike usual, Grease and I immediately had about 5-6 Ideas to start with. I think that might have been the first time we have had to narrow it down from that many, maybe it’s because we live in the south or because we like the band, but this one stood out amongst them all. As soon as Grease said it I was down. We really wanted to do a poster that we could rock the type on and get across that very southern rock-n-roll feeling. So a Jean Label was the perfect Idea! And needless to say Grease SLAYED it. We will be printing the poster next week so if you aren’t at the Tallahassee show and really want one we will have them for sale in our store. -TRON

Click Here to view the bigger version of the Poster/Oversided Jean Label

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One Response

  1. Karen

    daaaaaaang. nice work kids…or should i say kidd? 😉

    y’all rule…per usual.