LUCERO POSTER – Printed & Ready to Ride

Well Alright Folks, we finally wrangled this here poster to the ground, hog tied it down and screened it right into the rack! We got taken down it the first round and had to get saved by the rodeo clowns (Dog & Pony) cause our second screen was too small, but thanks to Sean we got another screened burned and lived to ride another 08 seconds. I gotta say, this is hands down one of the freshest posters we have ever done. Grease really brought the gunfire on this one. We actually got to print a couple of them on some left over Suede Tex and It really came out nice. It looks like an oversized Jean Label for real! Thanks to Dog and Pony once again for hooking us up with this opportunity and for bailing us out… We Owe You Big Time! Check out their poster for the show at Cafe Eleven in St. Augustine a couple of days Later! – Tron

View the Small Photo Set on Flickr or PURCHASE one for $20 (that’s about 600 Marlboro Miles)

2 Responses

  1. BG

    What up guys. This shit is sick. I looks killer. Awesome, thats all i can say.-B

  2. Erminda Flores

    I freaking LOOOOOVE Lucero!! I will definitely be buying this, awesome as always! 🙂