LESS THAN JAKE Losing Streak Gig Poster


Here’s our latest Less Than Jake “Losing Streak” themed poster for the double header the recently played at Jack Rabbits here in Jacksonville. When they asked me to do a poster, the idea of doing a Liquor Store delivery van popped into my head because of the song “How’s My Driving” and because Liquor Store has been kind of a recurring theme with the band. They next thing I knew I had figured out a way to incorporate every song from the album into that same theme, Don’t ask me how. But it was also kind of awesome that Losing Streak and Liquor Store both share the same LS initials. Coincidence I think not my dear Watson.


So after I sent off the concept drawing to Vinnie, he asked if there was a way to make it work for both shows. However I didn’t have the time to make two completely different posters. So I got creative and by simply taping off the date halfway through each screen and by making a color change halfway through on the second screen, I was able to make a poster for both nights out of just two screens. Straight Magic or MacGyver Makeshift which ever you wanna call it. But the final product came out rad nevertheless!

If you follow Less Than Jake at all, primary junk food colors like yellow, red, green, and blue have always been a staple in their merchandise and it doesn’t hurt that these color combos also tend to trigger hunger. So I appropriately named these two Medicinal Green and Munchies Red. Just a little bit of subliminal mind control from the Def. So if you hungry every time you look at these, think of your old buddy TRON!