Less Than Jake – Hello Rockview x BTTF Poster

When Less Than Jake announced that they were going to be doing a 20 Year Anniversary Tour (seriously… 20 years!) in Florida I jumped at the chance to do a poster for one of the shows, so imagine my excitement when Vinnie wrote me back and asked if I wanted to be a part of the 20 Year Anniversary Poster show at the Beacham Theatre in Orlando, I lost my mind.

The concept was make a poster for the show that referenced something from Less Than Jake’s past. So choosing The Hello Rockview Album was a no Brain’er for me. Not only do I just love that album, the poster for it is pretty much the reason I met my wife, so I definitely owe it one. I’ve always loved the 50’s style retro/comic illustration style, and the similarities between the Hello Rockview Cover/Booklet and the Lyon Estates/Hill Valley signage from Back to the Future are just too close to not have crossed paths at some point. Plus LTJ has always been into referencing 80’s pop culture so the mashup just made sense. I also want to credit Steve Vance for the original illustrations of the people from the Hello Rockview album.

The poster show will feature 20 different limited-edition screenprinted pieces of art celebrating Less Than Jake, from influential artist such as Horsebites & Joe Simko. All of the 20 different designs will be hand-signed and numbered by the artists that created them. The posters will be limited to only 30 units of each design available at the Orlando event. Fans will be able to purchase posters beginning at the 6 p.m. door time and continuing throughout the night. Additional limited quantities of the posters will be available online for fans of the band who want to own a part of Less Than Jake history but don’t live in Florida.

Click here to read the whole newsletter about the poster show event and anniversary shows. – TRON!