HDS x BandWagon 2012 – Savannah, GA

Yes, the rumors are true… Halftone Def will be live in person at the Second Annual Band Wagon Poster Show & Record Fair in Savannah GA March 3rd & 4th. And no, after seeing the heavy ass lineup of print makers that will be in attendance we are sure that there were no rumors about us being there, haha. But, in the event you feel like donating to us instead of the homeless guy out back, we will at least give you a poster in exchange! That’s right, aside from the having some of our latest posters up for sale, we have also reprinted a couple of favorites in some rare color variations that if all goes well, will only be available at bandwagon. Unless we don’t sell any of them in which I will be outback with homeless Johnny trying to edge him out for the best spot on the curb. Heck, we might even play a game or two of “Try To Move Me Bro!” where we get asked to leave because we are stinking up the place in which case I will refuse to move.

This year is gonna be amazing, seriously… Aesthetic Apparatus (who?), Draplin and his big ole north western yapper, Methane, Us & Them, Carolina Combo The Half & Half, Fellow Florida boys Lure & Two Arms, Bandito, Dwitt, Burlesque, Morning Breath (No Fn Way), I mean c’mon. This is just getting ridiculous. Anywho, props to the bandwagon peeps for putting this together, we can’t wait to get up there!

One more thing, if you see Grease at our booth/cage be ready to duck, he will throw poop at you! -TRON!

Visit attendbandwagon.com to learn more about the event and times and other important show stuff!