HASHROCKET Poster – Behind The Scenes Pics

This poster series is an initiative developed during Hashrocket’s rebranding effort. While most people consider branding purely an aesthetic exercise, Hashrocket understands and believes that branding also drives action. They wanted to introduce things into thier culture that helped reinforce thier company’s values of craftsmanship and quality. While something more digital would be expected, They wanted to go with something that not only expressed these concepts in the piece, but in the medium itself. Hashrocket hand-screened posters seemed to fit that criteria perfectly.

The concept for this poster was to communicate how hard it is to make something simple. The amount of craft and hard work it takes to make complex ideas and processes into simple interfaces for you to enjoy is often overlooked on the web. We only printed 30 of these posters and they have been giving them out at different conferences and events in the past month or so. They have a couple left but the idea was to only make limited amounts and give them out to people they respected in the industry, clients and friends. Mass-producing these and giving them to everyone would’ve defeated the purpose of this series. So if you didn’t happen to get one of these, stay tuned because we will be continuing to make posters on different topics in the future. – Read the whole article on Hashrockets Blog or View The Poster – Thanks DEBO!