Halftone Def vs Billabong USA – The Leftovers


It’s not often you check your email on a Saturday afternoon and see a message from someone with an @billabong-usa.com email address but when it happens you immediately get stoked before you even open it. Also, it’s no secret that Grease and myself are Florida Boy’s born and bred and surfing and skating runs in our blood as thick as butter either. We both grew up surfing and skating and we still do both on a daily basis even in our “old man” status. I definitely don’t shred like I used to but Grease might even be getting better. Needless to say, we were born to do this type of work. It’s what we were brought up on and it’s what inspired both of us to get into design in the first place. I even still have my Billabong Pastel Corduroy Jacket Son!


The shirts you see here are the leftovers that we presented but didn’t make the cut, however we are still super proud of them and rather than let them just fade away into the deep abyss of our hardrives we decided to post them up for all to see. All in all we did about 20 plus sketches that were narrowed down to six.


While we don’t quite know exactly what it is about one color vintage looking illustrations that gets us so pumped up, but if someone told us that we could only ever design one color for the rest of our lives, I’m pretty sure both Grease and I would be fine with it. Especially on vintage looking clothing and apparel.


So stay tuned to see the final two that actually “made the cut”, And when they drop head on over to your local surf/skate shop or billabong.com/us and pick yourself up a few of them bad boy’s. Halftone Def, Keeping your clothing game tight, all through day and deep into the night! – Love TRON & Grease!