Halftone Def Letter Pressed Cards (Preview)

Halftone Def Order Form Business Cards

Thanks to Jackie over at www.42pressed.com, in a couple of days we will have these bad boys letter pressed on some very cardboard like 210lb stock. I don’t think Grease or myself have ever been so excited about getting something printed in all our lives. We have always wanted something to hand out to people we meet but we really wanted it to be something more than just an informational card. So when we thought to make it more of a service order or mechanics slip that we could fill out on the spot to whomever we meet just like you would do if you were at a real garage we jumped on it. And after seeing the cards Jackie did for the guys at GoGreenhouse.com and watching the video of her process, we were sold that this was the only way to print them. Plus Jackie is a super awesome chick and a hometown printer as well. Oh and one more thing, If you do find yourself on the receiving end of one these little dudes, they will actually be worth more than just the paper they are printed on… Hint Hint (the little blank circle). Stoked like a fire – TRON.