Grease’s new Rhett & Link Logo

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It’s no secret we love our brothers from the south Rhett & Link, so when they asked Grease to redesign their logo he hit the brakes on everything else and started firing on all cylinders on this bad boy. A couple new spark plugs and quart of that good ole’ high performance oil he calls diet coke, and the new logo was born! It’s not often that you see someone try a Man-E-Faces type logo and pull it off but Grease slayed this one with the mouse of power like the master of the logo universe he is!. Ok ok, that is enough He-Man references for one post. Anyhow, we saw this recent video from the boys and after laughing our ass of at this youtube caption fail video, we were stoked to see the logo gracing the credits, so we figured it was time to share it with you! If your not familiar with Rhett & Link, go check out their site or watch them on their hit new show COMMERCIAL KINGS on IFC friday nights at 10 pm 9 central. The Chuck Testa Taxidermy video is one of my personal favorites…NOPE! That’s all Folks – TRON!