Freedom of Speechles Print – Occupy / SOPA

We designed this poster a little while back for a political themed art show we did here in Jacksonville during the 2008 election called “Partisan The Sea“. The idea behind the poster was to remind people of our first amendment right in the long large wake of the 911 tragedies. To not feel silenced out of fear of prosecution or just fear in general. I was lucky enough that none of my grandfathers died fighting for that right but a lot of others did, and we can never forget that. It is one of the founding principles that make this country great.

We originally only made 25 prints for the show and I had no plans of ever printing a second edition of these but due to recent events we just had to. After watching all of the Occupy footage of non-violent protesters being pepper sprayed and the current Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) issue, we felt that a reminder never hurts. The 2nd ed. is printed with dark grey instead of dark blue and is an edition of 50. The prints will be in our online store here in the next couple of days for pretty cheap and we are also going to give some away via twitter @halftonedef so stay tuned. Freedom of Speech is one of our most valuable assets as Americans and we can never ever forget that or let them take it away. – TRON “Freedom Ain’t Free” BURGUNDY

:: UPDATE :: Starting today, simply re-tweet our message and between now and Friday the 20th we’ll pick 5 winners at random to be announced on Monday January the 23rd. HELL YEAH AMERICA!!!

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