Type Study of Egyptian Slate

Grease recently had the opportunity to work with on a type treatment using the Egyptian Slate family. Here is what he had to say about it… “I’m a sucker for a slab serif & was really stoked to get cracking on the project. I chose my grandfather’s former business for a source for inspiration, B & L Floor Covering and Installation Service (Bud & Lopez). He was a hard working man his entire life & owned a piece of the American dream with his business partner “Lopey”. As soon as I saw Egyptian Slate it struck me as a solid, no B.S., working man’s font – the match up seemed perfect.” Above are a few of the pieces he created to compose the graphic. Big thanks to Ryan and the nice folks at for hitting us up! – TRON!

Click here to SEE THE GRAPHIC IN ACTION or PURCHASE this bad boy and make one of your own!