DEVA Type Illustration for Sivanna Spirit Yoga


A while back the fine folks over at contacted us about doing some type designs for a yoga line they have on the west side of this great country, California. Now Tron ain’t never been much for yogurt, or yoga for that matter but there are few type projects that I will turn down if I think I gotta handle on it, no matter what kind of stretchy off the shoulder type apparel it may be going on. So we jumped in head first, harnessed our chakras and did the dang thing. I may not be a benevolent divine being or a DEVA if you will, but the final versions of these tee’s are fit for royalty… to sweat in that is, haha. So if yoga is your thing, prepare to get stoked on these sweet ladies tees… because Tron has his opposable thumb on the pulse of women’s yoga fashion! Thanks to Benn for the opportunity to work on these brother! Ohmmmmm – TRON.


The Deva Cap Sleeve Tee comes in two different color ways – BLACK-TEAL / INDIGO – WHITE
The Deva Flowy Circle Tee comes in four different color ways – BLACK / WHITE and CORAL / MINT

All are available for purchase now over on so get before they are gone. Namaste.