DEADWOOD Deck Set by Grease for IB3

Check out these new set of decks by Grease Himself entitled DEADWOOD for the IM BOARD 3 Skateboard Art show. Yeah these are another couple of Beasty prints from the people over at They came back a little darker than we had anticipated but they still looked great nonetheless and looked even better hanging up at the show. If you didn’t get a chance to go, visit for links to all the photo sets (Set 1, Set 2, Set 3, Set 4) and a couple of videos. It was a wild show, Chad had a full on Redbull street course, DJ’s and a whole crew of Breakers throwin down. It’s gonna be hard to top the show next year. I did a couple of decks as well but they were last minute Ideas that were just stenciled straight on the Decks. But I had an excuse for the slackery because I designed and printed the show poster which I must say was a pretty cool concept. I really didn’t get the execution I originally had in mind nor was I able to print the posters in multiple colors but they did come out awesome! More on that later, for now check out the rest of the photos from the DEADWOOD Set and start wishin you had mad skills like Grease. TRON OUT!

Check out the Deadwood Flickr Set for more rad photos and angles of these big chinned bastards!