Creative South Georgia 2014 Here We Come!


We couldn’t start the new year off with a better or more exciting post than this one, and man are we stoked about it. After attending The Creative South Conference in Columbus GA last April I was blown away by not only the level of talent speaking at the event but the overall vibe as well. We don’t go to these types of things often so maybe we just aren’t that familiar or maybe because we are from the south and it just felt like home with the southern hospitality but it really was amazing. Having so many talented designers leave the big cities from around the country and come down here to our neck of the woods to talk about design really felt like the best of both worlds. I was on a design high for weeks after the event, and just when we were about to level back out, We got the email from the amazing Mike Jones asking if we wanted to speak this year. Seriously… What? Hell Yeah… is kinda how it went. Do we belong up there with some of these people? Probably not haha, but we are gonna give it our best try! So if you can spin it, come to Columbus and take in an amazing weekend with a whole gang of great people. And most importantly drink some beers with ole Tron & Grease!

We will be presenting our talk on SHIFT WORK // The unofficial guide on making posters, shirts, skateboards, logos, and beer labels while everyone else sleeps…the Real American Dream.

We are speaking at 3:00 pm on Friday, April 11th right along side some seriously talented folks…
So hop on over to and get your tix today before it sells out! – Love TRON & Grease