AIGA Always Summer Weekend X Halftone Def


We are proud to announce that we will be giving our Un-Official SHIFT WORK Presentation this Friday here in our hometown of Jacksonville, Florida as a part of the AIGA Always Summer Weekend. We love this event and have had so much fun participating in it over the last six years that we were able to talk our local AIGA chapter into letting us give our presentation the night before the poster show and mixtape as a part of an extended weekend of events this year. So come out to Industry West on Hendricks Avenue behind High Tide Burrito this Friday night and listen to us talk your ear off for about an hour. If you like to laugh at really obscure 80’s references with some design work peppered in between then this event is def for you!

Click here to Register for SHIFT WORK: A Presentation by Halftone Def Studios
Registration for AIGA Members is ($10.00) Non-Members ($20.00)
Social Hour is at 6:30 p.m. / Presentation is at 7:30 p.m.


Go ahead and make a weekend out of it come out to the Poster Show & Mixtape Saturday night as well. We will also be there selling the left over poster you see above from the previous night at our speaking event and some other posters from our inventory as well at “Hometown Prices” you won’t see again, as well as some long gone and never available prints that we just found laying around the shop. If you have never been to the Poster Show and Mixtape, everyone picks a song and designs a poster for it and the DJ spins the song in a playlist all night long. It’s a super fun time and It’s across the street from Bold City. Win/Win.

Click here to Register for the Poster Show & Mixtape and save $5.
General Admission tickets are $10 AIGA Members | $20 Non-Members the day of the event.

Origins of Rad Podcast Featuring TRON!


So last week I was lucky enough to be a guest on one of my all time favorite podcast’s Origins of Rad by a good friend, fellow designer, Floridian, and co-host Clark Orr. I have been a fan of this show since day one and pretty much strong armed my way on during a post dinner arm wrestling match at this past creative south, Over The Top Stallone Backwards Hat Style (Not Really). Clark and Mike share a deep love for all things 80’s good or bad and have had some really great guests on the show as well. Which was a pretty serious winning streak till they dead ended and ran out of options and had to ask me. So if you love the 80’s get on over to and download the latest episode featuring yours truly or subscribe to it on iTunes if thats your media outlet of choice. Awesome Goonies cover art illustration by

Thanks Ya’ll – Creative South 2014


We just wanted to give a brief thanks to everyone who come out to the Creative South in GA last weekend! All the attendees, vendors, speakers, and the entire creative south crew for making this southern event possible. We had such a fun time speaking, meeting everyone, having dinner/drinks, and getting to spend some good quality time with all the people who’s work we admire and look up to and all the great people who support us in what we do as well. Everyone was so nice and just really down to earth good folks.

Thanks to everyone who came and purchased a shirt or poster from us, it was amazing to see people wearing them around and all the awesome photos of the posters along with all the other great vendors that we’re there too. If you missed us at our booth (Sorry We Just couldn’t miss seeing this great lineup of speakers) We will have most of the posters and shirts that was there up in our store in a few days.

As most of you that saw our presentation know, I can truly speak for both @Kendrick Kidd and myself when I say they we are on cloud nine right now and we don’t ever want it to end… ever. In fact I’m going to get a @Nick Slater peach logo tattooed on my left butt cheek this afternoon. Also, please disregard all the terrible run on sentences and bad grammar in this post, as we are still to excited to even double check it.

Also, if you have any photos of us speaking, or photos with us, please shoot them over to us in an email ( as we would love to ad them to this post and show them off to our Momma’s!

See Ya’ll Next Year,
Love TRON & Grease!

Creative South Georgia 2014 Here We Come!


We couldn’t start the new year off with a better or more exciting post than this one, and man are we stoked about it. After attending The Creative South Conference in Columbus GA last April I was blown away by not only the level of talent speaking at the event but the overall vibe as well. We don’t go to these types of things often so maybe we just aren’t that familiar or maybe because we are from the south and it just felt like home with the southern hospitality but it really was amazing. Having so many talented designers leave the big cities from around the country and come down here to our neck of the woods to talk about design really felt like the best of both worlds. I was on a design high for weeks after the event, and just when we were about to level back out, We got the email from the amazing Mike Jones asking if we wanted to speak this year. Seriously… What? Hell Yeah… is kinda how it went. Do we belong up there with some of these people? Probably not haha, but we are gonna give it our best try! So if you can spin it, come to Columbus and take in an amazing weekend with a whole gang of great people. And most importantly drink some beers with ole Tron & Grease!

We will be presenting our talk on SHIFT WORK // The unofficial guide on making posters, shirts, skateboards, logos, and beer labels while everyone else sleeps…the Real American Dream.

We are speaking at 3:00 pm on Friday, April 11th right along side some seriously talented folks…
So hop on over to and get your tix today before it sells out! – Love TRON & Grease