Void Magazine – DNA of Music Cover June 2014


So every now and then we get calls from good friends who own a local Surf / Skate / Lifestyle Publication here in North Florida called Void Magazine. Most of the time they give us plenty of heads up on a project like, oh let’s just say THE COVER. However, this time that heads up consisted of about two weeks but when friends call you gotta make it happen. Lucky for them, they started the email off with “So seeing how you guys are the authority on music related artwork around here…” which never hurts your chances. So Kendrick and I came together like Voltron and brought this bad boy to life and we are super pumped on the outcome. Thanks to the fella’s over Void for the opportunity to work with such an awesome crew once again and if you happen to live in the N. Florida area you should already be seeing this thing invading your favorite local hangout or restaurant with no respect for the authority or elderly. So Hide yo Wife and Kids! – Tron

Read it online here or pick one or two up around town… it makes a great substitute when you run out of TP.

Texas Monthly – Editorial Belt Buckle Illustration


Just finished up another super fun project for the nice folks at Texas Monthly. This time our creative team put together a belt buckle for an editorial piece on living country legend, George Strait. So stoked on how well the buckle rendering turned out… once again Digital Progression comes through with an Ace. Also a huge thanks to TJ for the creative vision and trust. Pulling together a team through multiple time zones on a tight deadline is no easy task, but you seem to pull it off with ease. Cheers to all the collaborations to come.



Creative Direction: TJ Tucker; Illustration: Kendrick Kidd; 3D Rendering: Digital Progression

Texas Monthly – Editorial Illustrations


Just finished up some insanely fun editorial illustration for the nice folks at Texas Monthly. Big thanks to all the people involved in the production of the project. I love it when a group effort comes together like this!


Creative Direction: TJ Tucker; Art Direction/Layout: Brian Johnson; 3D Rendering: Digital Progression and Illustration by the one and only super talented Grease E. Monkey aka Kendrick Kidd – TRON (Mic Drop)


These were also featured today on the homepage of GrainEdit.com So go check them out over there and give those wonderful folks some traffic for their troubles! Click here to view the TX Monthly Article now.

UPDATE: Texas Monthly Illustrations featured on underconsideration.com/quipsologies and NotCot.org

Void Magazine One Year Cover Illustration

After tackling an awesome shirt design project for Void Magazine earlier this year, the guys liked it so much that they decided to ask Grease to transform it into their One Year Anniversary Cover. So with that being said, grease dropped in the cover copy, threw one of those funny little birthday cone hats on the fish and stamped it with a One Year Anniversary Candle and the deed was done. So pick one (or two) up on stands everywhere May 1st 2011. Congrats to the fine folks at Void as well for making a year! – TRON

AARP Magazine Illustration – Bring The Muscle


So about a month ago, Grease and I were contacted by the AARP Magazine to do a typographic illustration for an editorial assignment about traveling. We were super excited about it until we found out what type of subject matter they wanted, which is when we lost our minds, A 65 Mustang! If there’s one thing we love to illustrate more than any other, it would be Muscle Cars. So we jumped at the opportunity and hit the gas. Below are some graphics of the final piece, an alternate version with a 65 mustang GT 500, and some sketched concepts that we originally presented without the actual car. Thanks to Dian for giving us the opportunity to work on such a fun project. www.aarp.org/magazine


For those of you not familiar with the AARP Magazine, here are some Fun Facts:

  1. Established in 1958, AARP The Magazine is a bi-monthly magazine published by AARP, which focuses on aging issues.
  2. The magazine is sent to every AARP member, and thus is the largest circulation magazine in the United States; it has held that position since the late 1980s.
  3. Circulation = 24.4 million People.


VOID Magazine Volume #1 Feature and Interview


void_magazine2So our good friends over at VOID Magazine ( aka SurfJaxPier.com ) asked us to be a part of the first edition of their new Local Surf / Arts Publication last month. We were super stoked. We have known and designed with these guys for a long time and surfed with them even longer so we jumped at the opportunity to be first in line. Plus it was one of the best interviews we have ever done. Completely off topic and random as hell, just how we like it! Click here to Read It – TRON!

Click here to read VOID Volume One Magazine online now! Or don’t, You can just keep picking your nose.

Rhett & Link Packaging in CA Illustration Annual


Yes! We just got the 51st edition of the Communication Arts Illustration Annual, and guess who is up on pg. 77… That’s right folks, Grease Himself Mr. Kendrick Kidd and his pals Rhett and Link. We thought it was going to be in one of the regular issues but to have it in the Illustration Annual is a extra special. “High Five” Kendrick next time you see him or a big ole’ baseball style slap on the bottom would work too! – TRON!