Void Magazine One Year Cover Illustration

After tackling an awesome shirt design project for Void Magazine earlier this year, the guys liked it so much that they decided to ask Grease to transform it into their One Year Anniversary Cover. So with that being said, grease dropped in the cover copy, threw one of those funny little birthday cone hats on the fish and stamped it with a One Year Anniversary Candle and the deed was done. So pick one (or two) up on stands everywhere May 1st 2011. Congrats to the fine folks at Void as well for making a year! – TRON

Precision Ink And Stitch – Identity & Letterpress

Mmmmm, letterpress… some projects are just made for it. Here’s one Grease just finished up for, Precision Ink and Stitch. This Michigan based, family owned start-up was looking for a mark that would emphasize their craftsmanship, and attention to detail. We are really happy they went the extra mile & sprung for the letterpress business cards (printed by the lovely 42pressed). I think the production helped hammer the point home;  they’re serious about what they do. Big thanks to Seth & Dale for all the design trust. We love seeing this kind of work live up to it’s potential!

Below are a couple of design options that didn’t make the cut, but will live on as Tee-shirts… hope you enjoy.

Also thanks to Mint Design Blog | How Magazine | Lovely Stationary for featuring these! – TRON/GREASE

Halftone Def Letter Pressed Cards (Preview)

Halftone Def Order Form Business Cards

Thanks to Jackie over at www.42pressed.com, in a couple of days we will have these bad boys letter pressed on some very cardboard like 210lb stock. I don’t think Grease or myself have ever been so excited about getting something printed in all our lives. We have always wanted something to hand out to people we meet but we really wanted it to be something more than just an informational card. So when we thought to make it more of a service order or mechanics slip that we could fill out on the spot to whomever we meet just like you would do if you were at a real garage we jumped on it. And after seeing the cards Jackie did for the guys at GoGreenhouse.com and watching the video of her process, we were sold that this was the only way to print them. Plus Jackie is a super awesome chick and a hometown printer as well. Oh and one more thing, If you do find yourself on the receiving end of one these little dudes, they will actually be worth more than just the paper they are printed on… Hint Hint (the little blank circle). Stoked like a fire – TRON.

Rhett & Link’s Mythical Carpet Ride!


Here’s a fun one Grease worked on recently with the super talented internetainers Rhett & Link. Not long ago, the duo relocated to a new studio in Fuquay-Varina, North Carolina, and were looking to do a bit of decorating to make their new digs feel like home. If you’re even vaguely familiar with the comedy duo, you know that a couple of couches and a fresh coat of paint weren’t going to be enough. Yes, that’s right, I’m talking about Mythical Carpets, the single item that no internetainment studio should be without.

Although Grease had never designed a Mythical Carpet before, the boys assured him that if he handled the design part, they’d take care of “the Mythicalness” (something about a guy named “Unicorn Steve” down at the flea market, I dunno). So after a quick meeting and some back’n’forth with Unicorn Steve, the two Mythical Carpets pictured above were born, along with a brief & highly entertaining demo video.


Big thanks to both Rhett & Link for making this thing called work waaaay too much fun. Hope you enjoy…

Rhett & Link Packaging in CA Illustration Annual


Yes! We just got the 51st edition of the Communication Arts Illustration Annual, and guess who is up on pg. 77… That’s right folks, Grease Himself Mr. Kendrick Kidd and his pals Rhett and Link. We thought it was going to be in one of the regular issues but to have it in the Illustration Annual is a extra special. “High Five” Kendrick next time you see him or a big ole’ baseball style slap on the bottom would work too! – TRON!

Rhett & Link featured on CommArts.com


Cheers to the fine folks over at Communication Arts for posting up the Rhett and Link CD packaging!

After years of entertaining online audiences with their independently produced songs and videos, Web-based musical comedy duo Rhett and Link released a real-live CD in December 2009. The two asked Jacksonville, Florida-based Kendrick kidd (aka Grease) to help design the packaging for Up to This Point, a compilation CD that includes a poster and play-a-long guide. The final result—inspired by the journey of their music-making career and by photography that showed the two trudging through water—is a musical quest with a whimsical, graphic animation style. Click Here To Read the Whole RAD Article – TRON.

Rhett and Link “Up to This Point” Album Art


Like many creatives, We are always on the lookout for those rare and near perfect set of circumstances that present a client, who is not only looking for a little more than the norm, but is also trusting enough to let you find it…We call them “unicorn projects”. Back in July Grease was asked about designing some album art for the super talented, North Carolina-based comedy duo, Rhett & Link. Hmmmm… music, comedy, cool folks & package design… yep, it def. smelt like a unicorn to us. I’m happy to report that the project, and the experience did not disappoint. Working with talented, and down-to-earth folks like these made this project about as satisfying as they come. A huge, heartfelt thank you to both Rhett and Link for the work, and all the trust that went into producing it. -GREASE




Yellow Jacket Bar-B-Q Sauce – Packaging



Here’s a peek at a packaging project that is currently in the works for Saltwater Marsh Bar-B-Q. A small group of Florida students have been contemplating their own line of Bar-B-Q sauces & needed a little help with the branding portion of their project. Their open minds, motivation & enthusiasm have made the labeling work a lot of fun… I don’t think I’ve ever met a group students that have been more oganized & on top things… it’s great! We still have a few tweaks here & there to make, but I’m so stoked about how the design is shaping up that I couldn’t wait to post the progress. Hope you enjoy! -GREASE

SWEET N FLOUR – Logo & Stamp Packaging

It’s Pretty Simple actually… My wife Marisa Makes Delicious Handmade Baked Goods, I love her very very much and we Definitely love the goods. So when the time came to make her a logo that would encompass everything about her, We put all our love into it. Grease took what I had started, Rounded the edges and dotted the lines (literally) & made what I thought was good better. And the final product came out awesome as you can see. A cute little curvy logo seal with bows, cupcakes and pies tucked neatly inside… Just like Marisa. You will be seeing much much more of this logo in the future, cause were just preheating the oven!

Visit www.sweetnflour.com to see pics and recipes of all Marisa’s wonderful Baked Goods!

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