Skillshare Beer Label Design w/ Kendrick Kidd


I feel like I’ve joined a gang… of teachers. A real intimidating group of nerdy nerds, that know a lot about gang stuff, and fancy design. My initiation: Record over an hour of instructional video featuring my ugly mouth spouting all the nuggets I know about label design. Including useful bits about concepting, design grids, color choices, and setting up your very own label series (there’s even a downloadable beer can template). So help me keep my new gang-friends happy, sign up today and learn your face off. First 50 people to sign up receive a free puppy.* Thank You. *This is a lie. – Kendrick




Bold City Brewery – Packaging Feature


So for those who may not know, even though Kendrick and I met outside of work, we kindled our well oiled relationship that later became Halftone Def at a little well know Jacksonville Agency know as The Shepherd Agency. We spent many a days there jammed up in the same cubicle, iMac to iMac making all things graphic and interactive. I have since moved on after 5 years of driving 45 minutes to work everyday to a place a little closer to the beach but Kendrick is still there along with a ton of other great folks making graphic magic everyday. While I was still there, I got to witness the beginning of something truly amazing. Something that every designer dreams of working on and every city dreams of having, a craft brewery with a passion for great beer and an eye for great design. It was there, that the branding distinctively know as BOLD CITY BREWERY was born, mostly on the wings of an amazing copywriter named Jacquie Wojcik.

Bold City Brewery has come along way since those days of Kendrick hand making the wooden tap handles in the comp room with sticker paper and exacto knives. The amazing printed cans you see above may just look like another container to drink delicious beer from but they are a whole lot more than that. They are a vision come to life and a milestone, both logistically and aesthetically. So I want to send out the biggest high five possible to not only to Brian and the Bold City Brewery folks but to Kendrick and the rest of the Shepherd crew for a job well done. I know I speak for the whole city when I say Jacksonville is proud to call you our own and we look forward to much much more to come. Congrats and CHEERS! – TRON

To see more of the amazing work Kendrick has done for BCB, check out his post over on

Liquid Courage Pint Glass by TRON

It’s Finally here!!! Our Liquid Courage Pint Glass for has finally dropped and man are we stoked! The Pint is $20 and comes in a set of two so you can muster up whatever courage you may be looking for with a buddy, So Erase The Fear With A Cider Or Beer and TRY LIQUID COURAGE!!!

TRON’S Drink of Choice – If a Quart of Hard Cider was enough to give troops the liquid courage they needed every morning before battle, well then by gawd it’s good enough for TRON! Preferably Woodchuck  but just about any cider will do. Non-Alcoholic Option: Homemade Southern Sweet Tea. Xtra Sugar.

Grease’s Drink of Choice – Anything that’s cold, craft brewed and has I.P.A somewhere in the name! 

We are super stoked to be a part of this project with so many other great designers that we admire. Thanks to the Wier/Stewart Crew and North Bound Design for making this whole thing come to life. – TRON

Visit to get your Liquid Courage Pint Today! Set of 2 for $20 – That’s A Deal.

Brindle Dog Brewing Co – Packaging

Here’s some more fun from the Brindle Dog Brewing Co. project Grease (Kendrick Kidd) worked on in 2011/2012. It’s tough to go wrong when you’re designing for beer & man’s best friend. When the brewery’s owner approached us to help out with the brand & package design we were more than happy to take it!

In addition to the owner’s love for Dee Dee (aka Brindle Dog) he was also adamant about including themes from his home town, Tampa, Florida. After some noodling, we ended up with a Florida postcard esq. design solution. It allowed us to keep the continuity throughout all the pieces and also include the themes important to the owner. Big thanks to Kevin for the project… it was tons of fun. I can’t say enough good things about working with folks who have vision, but trust you enough to let you run. Hope you enjoy. – TRON!

Venture “Get Up” Team Trucks by Grease

Grease just finished up a quick lettering project for Venture Trucks that started off as just a shirt design but got picked up to be on a set of trucks that are being called the “Get Up” trucks. “I’ve been having a lot of fun lately exploring different hand styles. Big thanks to Andy Pitts for throwing projects like this my way. Skate Apparel + Skate Trucks = Happiness. Hope you enjoy. – Grease aka Kendrick Kidd” – TRON

Venture is also having a contest to win a pair of these so hop on over Venture Trucks and Enter To Win!

The Everywhere Project – Tampa

Here’s a fun one Grease just finished up for Adrian Walsh’s Everywhere Project. Adrian has rounded up a heap of rad designers to spotlight different areas around the globe via luggage tags. If you haven’t taken a look yet, we definitely recommend checking out the site. Lot’s of great stuff up there already, and still many tags left to come. Big thanks to Adrian for for putting together such a fun collective, and for letting Grease have a crack at the Tampa tag!

On a side note, when Adrian is not taking time out to organize rad collectives, he is knocking out some pretty damn impressive design work. After you’re done checking out the Everywhere Project, swing over to Adrian’s personal site & be ready to be impressed. Solid work. – TRON

Visit to see some rad luggage tag design by some seriously talented designers!

Don’t Panic Magazine – Poster Pack

Grease recently had the chance to do a bit of work for the Don’t Panic Magazine poster pack a while back.
“I had a heap ton of fun working on the project, but i’m not sure if the piece ever made it to the press. Either way, I love working in one color and it was completely worth the exercise.” – Grease (kendrick kidd)

If you happen to live in the UK & see this puppy floating around, please hit us up. We will gladly pay shipping if you can send a few copies our way! – TRON!

The Ampersand Collection X GREASE / HDS

A couple of months ago, Grease Himself was asked to be a part of Hi55’s Ampersand Collection. As big fans of the work those guys have put out, HDS jumped at the chance to be a part of this first rad collection along side this talented cast of designers Ryan Brinkerhoff, Riley Cran, Scott Hill, Anthony Lane, Drew Melton, Chris Sandlin, Sergey Shapiro, and Michael Tabie.

After much doing, Ross Moody of 55 hi’s has just released The Ampersand Collection. Ten, 9×9 original screen prints of ampersands from Ten different designers around the globe. Limited Quantities Available.

Big thanks to Ross for putting the project together & for hand screening all the prints! It’s a huge task to take on, but the result is looking impressive! If you haven’t already, please take a few seconds out of your day to check out the project… and if you’re feeling sassy, pick up a pack or two of the limited addition prints!

Featured in THE BEST OF 2011 on FPO

We just got word from our good friend @averagejim that we got featured among THE BEST OF 2011 Part One on FPO for Grease and I’s personal business cards that they featured earlier this year. Needless to say we are super stoked! These cards were a long time in the making, and we are so proud of how they turned out. Jackie over at did such a wonderful job of printing them and walking us through one of our first letter press experiences. We love these cards so much, it’s actually kinda hard to let em go. Each one of them feels like a tiny little print and we stamp everyone with care! Thanks so much to everyone who has given us compliments on these over the last year, making your own business cards is one of the toughest things a designer can do. If you are gonna be at in Savannah this coming March, stop by our booth and get one, it’s gonna be a freakin blast. – Thanks TRON!

And special thanks to Armin at FPO for featuring us once again, “These Cards Don’t Let Up” made us laugh & feel super awesome at the same time!

Click here to see the many other wonderful pieces & designers featured in Part One as well!

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