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She & Him Featured on FrenchSampleRoom

So we submitted our SHE & HIM poster to the French Sample Room Contest last month and we got a little feature on their blog under Brown Speckletone. We were pretty stoked as French is one of our very favorite papers to use when we can. We dont always have the time or budget to get it but for special posters like this one where the paper plays such and integral part in the design as one of the colors, we look no further than French! So hopefully we will get lucky and win one of the monthly contests cause we would love $250 worth of free paper fo sho! And taking a tour of the factory would be super awesome as well but right now we’ll settle for the paper, haha. So get on over and comment/vote for us because we would do the same for you! And also check out some of the other rad work as well. – TRON

HASHROCKET Poster – Behind The Scenes Pics

This poster series is an initiative developed during Hashrocket’s rebranding effort. While most people consider branding purely an aesthetic exercise, Hashrocket understands and believes that branding also drives action. They wanted to introduce things into thier culture that helped reinforce thier company’s values of craftsmanship and quality. While something more digital would be expected, They wanted to go with something that not only expressed these concepts in the piece, but in the medium itself. Hashrocket hand-screened posters seemed to fit that criteria perfectly.

The concept for this poster was to communicate how hard it is to make something simple. The amount of craft and hard work it takes to make complex ideas and processes into simple interfaces for you to enjoy is often overlooked on the web. We only printed 30 of these posters and they have been giving them out at different conferences and events in the past month or so. They have a couple left but the idea was to only make limited amounts and give them out to people they respected in the industry, clients and friends. Mass-producing these and giving them to everyone would’ve defeated the purpose of this series. So if you didn’t happen to get one of these, stay tuned because we will be continuing to make posters on different topics in the future. – Read the whole article on Hashrockets Blog or View The Poster – Thanks DEBO!

She & Him Savannah Poster Photo Set


Fresh out the Hand Tuned Garage is the SHE & HIM Savannah Music Festival poster. what we have here is a Hand Screened 3 color poster printed on 100lb French cover with Tangerine/Patina/Chocolate ink. Edition of 100. 14in x 24in. We knocked this sucker out in 7 hours straight like a boss! The inks came out great on the chocolate wood grain background and the French paper is beautiful. Get your hands one of these bad ladies either at the show or in our store. Posters start shipping April 1st and it’s no joke yall! -TRON

Click here to view the whole photo set on Flickr
| Click here to purchase this beautiful poster in our store

SHE & HIM Savannah Show Poster Preview

She And Him Door KnockerSo a couple of months back, TRON’s wife Mrs. Burgundy being the huge fan that she is, found out that SHE & HIM was coming to the Trustees Theater for the Savannah Music Festival in March. Shorty after we found out that we were not going to be able to go due to wedding. Needless to say heartbroken was not the word. But since we could not go, the least we could do is design a poster. So we did. And seeing how the show was is in Savannah, one of our favorite places to visit and also where we got engaged, we happen to know a little bit about Savannah’s charm, southern hospitality, and haunted past. Which is what makes this poster a perfect match with the throwback sounds of SHE & HIM, who lyrics, while adorable on the surface, are a darker shade of red with an emphasis on love and heartbreak. Hopefully if everything works out there might be some at the show, but if not we will definitely have them for sale in the Halftone Def Store very soon! So stay tuned to the site cause im pretty sure these will go fast as we will probably only do a run of around 75-100 and printed on some nice French paper. -TRON

Check out the new album “Volume 2” from SHE & HIM streaming on NPR | also visit

SXSW Goods for Hashrocket & Cliqset


So even though we didn’t grace SXSW with our physical presence this year, we will be there in limited edition design. Our good buddy Dennis from Thought & Theory and currently HASHROCKET hit us up to do a limited run poster for them to hand out to a select few at SXSW and The good Folks at CLIQSET also hit us up about a month back to make a VOLTRON inspired shirt for them to hand out. We didn’t print these though thank gawd, as you can see they were pretty complex with lots of colors and they were a run of 200. But thanks to Dan @Vivid Images we got that part handled! Until next SXSW next year -TRON OUT!

LUCERO POSTER – Printed & Ready to Ride

Well Alright Folks, we finally wrangled this here poster to the ground, hog tied it down and screened it right into the rack! We got taken down it the first round and had to get saved by the rodeo clowns (Dog & Pony) cause our second screen was too small, but thanks to Sean we got another screened burned and lived to ride another 08 seconds. I gotta say, this is hands down one of the freshest posters we have ever done. Grease really brought the gunfire on this one. We actually got to print a couple of them on some left over Suede Tex and It really came out nice. It looks like an oversized Jean Label for real! Thanks to Dog and Pony once again for hooking us up with this opportunity and for bailing us out… We Owe You Big Time! Check out their poster for the show at Cafe Eleven in St. Augustine a couple of days Later! – Tron

View the Small Photo Set on Flickr or PURCHASE one for $20 (that’s about 600 Marlboro Miles)

AIGA Summertime Poster – Tim Armstrong

AIGA Summertime Poster

Here’s my version two of my AIGA SUMMERTIME poster for the show this weekend at the Jacksonville Landing. I say version two because my first attempt was a stenciled type poster that didn’t go exactly as planned and then I totally ruined it trying to fix it so this is what I can up with the day before the poster was due. I have been dying to start doing Illustrations of old cars that I love and tying it into some new vector style with a little bit of that old “owners manual” style of design.

63 Impala63 Impala

I chose this song and car style because this summer my friend Ryan @autoline let me take this Fire Red 63 Impala with chrome spoke daytons for the weekend to the Turkey Rod Run in the Daytona Speedway and It pretty much made my summer. I don’t think I have ever been that excited to drive a car. I got up a 4 am just so I could drive it while the sun was coming up. @thecrobar and I were laid up in that thing like a couple of gangsters all weekend. The looks you get driving that thing around are pretty awesome and I almost bought it, but I would still rather have something with a little more muscle look than gangster. And I chose the song because thats the cd I listened to the whole time driving it. Tim Armstrong’s solo album “A Poets Life” is an awesome dub style cd, check it out if you have a chance or watch the video below and you’ll see the car inspiration. I also like that the song title was “Wake Up” because the people need to realize the 63′ is just as rad as a 64′.

Also, props to Jax AIGA | Patrick Carter | Thought & Theory for putting together this awesome event!

The Manstache – Poster for BEARDS & BRUSHES

Willie Nelson

So this is a piece that I did in collaboration with local photog JENSEN HANDE after seeing this epic “Manstache” photo on his portfolio site. After running across this image, I contacted Jensen about wanting to do this illustration because of the immense detail in the photograph and how well these type of shots lend themselves to making rad illustrations. I knew that I could take what Jensen had done with showing the detail in the stache itself and flip in my own way and simplify the hair and show more detail on the lips and skin in a very simplified way that would translate into a very clean 2-3 color screen print. I’m pretty stoked about how it came out and the colors are a little different than my usual but the skin tones just kinda found there way on there and stuck. Thanks to Jensen for the opportunity and I can’t wait to print them. -TRON

LUCERO – Tallahassee Show Jean Label Poster

Our good Friends over at the Dog & Pony Show, hooked us up with a sweet gig to do a LUCERO poster for the upcoming Tallahassee show date. We jumped at the opportunity and unlike usual, Grease and I immediately had about 5-6 Ideas to start with. I think that might have been the first time we have had to narrow it down from that many, maybe it’s because we live in the south or because we like the band, but this one stood out amongst them all. As soon as Grease said it I was down. We really wanted to do a poster that we could rock the type on and get across that very southern rock-n-roll feeling. So a Jean Label was the perfect Idea! And needless to say Grease SLAYED it. We will be printing the poster next week so if you aren’t at the Tallahassee show and really want one we will have them for sale in our store. -TRON

Click Here to view the bigger version of the Poster/Oversided Jean Label

Save “My Name is Earl” Poster Camaign

Save Earl!

So for the last couple of days, I have been working on a Series of posters about men with epic Mustache’s. And It just so happened that while I was working on Earl ( Jason Lee ) I saw on twitter that “My Name Is Earl” my favorite show, had been canceled via @WilfridDierkes aka MNIE show creator Greg Garcia. Needless to say I was Pissed! After more investigation, I found out that ABC or FOX might be interested in the show and that they had created a twitter petition @earltwitition which is quit possibly the first of its kind. So being the huge fan I am, I took which was the weirdest coincidence ever, and turned it into a SAVE EARL poster to try and help. If you watch the show its all about Earl’s list of things he has done wrong in his life and is trying to fix one by one. Which is why I chose to present the illustration on Yellow Crumpled up paper. Turned out pretty good I think on such short notice. For once I was ahead of the eight ball and I’m not gonna let it get away. So here it is, DOWNLOAD IT, Print copies and post it around the office and most importantly the web. Greg Garcia (Show Creator) is sending every tweet and re-tweet to NBC, ABC, and FOX in hopes of turning the tide. And hopefully, he will be stoked when he see’s the direct message from twitter with the link to this poster in it… cross your fingers and hope he is stoked. Over and Out… TRON.

Twitter Links: @WilfridDierkes | @earltwitition | @EthanSuplee | @Alyssa_Milano


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