Happy 40th Birthday to Aaron Draplin!


Our Good buddy and fellow MAN OF SIZE, foul language, and gold bond stock holder (North West Coast Brother from another Mother) Aaron Draplin turned the big 40 earlier this week and I whipped up this little icon of his signature look in my best attempt at his thick lines style in the format of his semi-famous line of finely crafted field notes. Here’s to telling 40 to F-OFF and keep on Kicking Ass. TRON & Grease Love Ya Brother! DDC Forever, and FU40. Now get over to Draplin.com and buy some DDC Goods already!

The National Poster Retrospecticus

Halftone Def is proud to say that we will be a part of the National Poster Retrospecticus traveling poster show coming to a town near your starting April 3rd! The NPR is a show of more than 300 hand-printed event posters from over 75 of the best poster designers in the country. The event is produced and curated by Mr JP Boneyard who we would like to send a huge bear paw handshake of thanks for giving us the invite. This show has some pretty heavy hitters stepping up to the plate so we couldn’t be more stoked to be a part of it. Each date has a custom designed and screen-printed poster by one of the attending artist to go along with the event and each poster on display will have a few copies for sale as well. If you live near one of these cities get off your keester and make the trip out to see the show, you def don’t want to miss it! – TRON

Click here to visit the National Retrospecticus site and get more details and info on dates, artists, and more!

Against Me! Cafe Eleven 2012 Gig Poster

Hell Yeah!!! If you missed this show, well… Im sorry to tell you that you missed on of the raddest AM shows in history. I’ve seen quite a few and this one was hands down the best. To quote Dan Andriano from Alkaline Trio “Against Me tore the roof off Cafe 11 tonight! So fucking good.” haha. I also got to see Dan take away one of these posters which fell pretty damn awesome. AM played a number of new songs which Im guessing was the first time being played live and ended with an onslaught of oldies that had the small but packed Cafe 11 Crowd thrashing the stage. When the last song “We laugh at Danger and Break All The Rules” played & Mrs. Laura Jane Grace had to hang from the rafters to sing, It was epic to watch. I was so proud to have been a part of this show. I sang till my voice was gone, the glass was empty, & the party was over – TRON!

Wether you couldn’t make it or just don’t live anywhere close, you can Click Here to Purchase One of these posters from our store and I’ll ship it to you in sturdy little tube straight from the dirty south!

Against Me! Cafe Eleven Show Poster 2012

We are stoked to be doing our second AGAINST ME! poster for our favorite little venue The Original Cafe Eleven in Saint Augustine, Florida. AGAINST ME! is one of my all time favorite bands, and having lived in Gainesville and North Florida, we have gotten to see our fare share of their shows. Some of my all time favorites would be the show I saw at the Elks Lodge In St. Augustine in 2006, where there wasn’t even a stage and the last show at Common Grounds was a pretty epic as well. And with this show being the first back in St. Augustine with the awesome Laura Jane Grace, Well lets just say we are more than honored to be a part of it. The show is already sold out, but the merch table is outside so you can purchase a poster withouth having tickets. We will also be selling what’s left after the show in our online store. – TRON!

Less Than Jake 20 Year Screened Poster

Done and Done! The Posters are screened and the 20 year Anniversary show in orlando is over. We had a tone of fun making this poster and the colors came out great. It is a 19×25 Two Color (Dark Grey / Yellow Gold) on some French Smart White 110 pound cover paper, First Ed. of 50. Thanks to Vinnie from Less Than Jake for letting us be a part of the show. Last one out of liberty city… burn it to the ground! – TRON

The posters are available in our store but until we get the leftovers back (if there are any) we only have 10 for sale, so if your a die hard LTJ fan like me you you better get on it! Click here to visit our online store!

Less Than Jake – Hello Rockview x BTTF Poster

When Less Than Jake announced that they were going to be doing a 20 Year Anniversary Tour (seriously… 20 years!) in Florida I jumped at the chance to do a poster for one of the shows, so imagine my excitement when Vinnie wrote me back and asked if I wanted to be a part of the 20 Year Anniversary Poster show at the Beacham Theatre in Orlando, I lost my mind.

The concept was make a poster for the show that referenced something from Less Than Jake’s past. So choosing The Hello Rockview Album was a no Brain’er for me. Not only do I just love that album, the poster for it is pretty much the reason I met my wife, so I definitely owe it one. I’ve always loved the 50’s style retro/comic illustration style, and the similarities between the Hello Rockview Cover/Booklet and the Lyon Estates/Hill Valley signage from Back to the Future are just too close to not have crossed paths at some point. Plus LTJ has always been into referencing 80’s pop culture so the mashup just made sense. I also want to credit Steve Vance for the original illustrations of the people from the Hello Rockview album.

The poster show will feature 20 different limited-edition screenprinted pieces of art celebrating Less Than Jake, from influential artist such as Horsebites & Joe Simko. All of the 20 different designs will be hand-signed and numbered by the artists that created them. The posters will be limited to only 30 units of each design available at the Orlando event. Fans will be able to purchase posters beginning at the 6 p.m. door time and continuing throughout the night. Additional limited quantities of the posters will be available online for fans of the band who want to own a part of Less Than Jake history but don’t live in Florida.

Click here to read the whole newsletter about the poster show event and anniversary shows. – TRON!

Lucero Florida Tour Poster Printed!

Well folks, what can I say about these posters that I ain’t already said… Some Black, Some Blue and Some Brown. All printed, signed, and stamped ready to be delivered to tomorrow nights show in St. Augustine at Cafe Eleven. Don’t go wastin lighting by missing one of these badass prints. All 19×25 inches printed on some sturdy 100 lb French Kraft Speckletone Deliciousness. If for some reason you can’t make it out to one of the shows or these things sell out before you get one, we should have some artist copies up on the site after the tour is over. Just do yourself a favor, if you have heard of Lucero, go see them live. If you haven’t heard of them, listen then go see them live. They are seriously one of my all time favorite bands and it has been a real pleasure getting to do work for them… Cause it’s One Shot of Women, One Shot of Work, One shot’s sweeter but both can hurt Just let it go, kid just let it go! – TRON | Luceromusic.com

LUCERO Florida Tour Poster by TRON!

For most people, getting to do one poster for one of you favorite bands would be enough for a lifetime. And we thought it would be too, but when we heard Lucero’s new album “Women & Work” and saw they were coming back for another Florida run… well, we just couldn’t resist. The new album is so amazing, we were blown away when we found out that we were asked to do a poster for the whole Florida Tour, not just one date. And after listening to the album with commentary from frontman Ben Nichols and getting a little more info about each track, I quickly grabbed a pencil and paper and a poster Idea was born.

On the title track, Ben says “One Shot of Women… One Shot of Work” referring to shots of some kind of delicious liquor. Well, we just modified that a bit and thought Dueling Pistols might convey that same idea in a little more southern fashion. Balancing your Women and Work while traveling great distances across America between both can feel a lot like a good ole fashion gun fight at times. And back then when it wasn’t working out (it never does) and neither side would concede, someone usually ended up on a wanted poster.

Much Thanks to Bart for making this happen and if your at one theses Floria Show Dates, make sure and pick one up as they are going to be a limited run that probably won’t last through the tour. If they do, we will have some up on our store as well! Stay tuned for some printed previews and if you can’t wait for us to post them here you can follow us on instagram/halftonedef for live updates and shenanigans! – TRON

Freedom of Speechles Print – Occupy / SOPA

We designed this poster a little while back for a political themed art show we did here in Jacksonville during the 2008 election called “Partisan The Sea“. The idea behind the poster was to remind people of our first amendment right in the long large wake of the 911 tragedies. To not feel silenced out of fear of prosecution or just fear in general. I was lucky enough that none of my grandfathers died fighting for that right but a lot of others did, and we can never forget that. It is one of the founding principles that make this country great.

We originally only made 25 prints for the show and I had no plans of ever printing a second edition of these but due to recent events we just had to. After watching all of the Occupy footage of non-violent protesters being pepper sprayed and the current Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) issue, we felt that a reminder never hurts. The 2nd ed. is printed with dark grey instead of dark blue and is an edition of 50. The prints will be in our online store here in the next couple of days for pretty cheap and we are also going to give some away via twitter @halftonedef so stay tuned. Freedom of Speech is one of our most valuable assets as Americans and we can never ever forget that or let them take it away. – TRON “Freedom Ain’t Free” BURGUNDY

:: UPDATE :: Starting today, simply re-tweet our message and between now and Friday the 20th we’ll pick 5 winners at random to be announced on Monday January the 23rd. HELL YEAH AMERICA!!!

Always Summer 2011 Poster Show Recap

I apologize in the delay of posting this but we just had so much to talk about with this one it took me a while to wrangle it all up! The 2011 AIGA Always Summer Poster Show & MixTape was a big one for us this year for many reasons. First of all, I strong armed Grease into actually doing a poster for it, My poster idea had a little more meaning behind than just a song, and most of all one of my favorite designers / brother from a long lost mother – Aaron Draplin was coming to give his “Tall Tales From A Large Man” presentation the night before. How Freakin Awesome!

We didn’t actually get to screen our posters this year for the event but we got something just a little bit better… We got to eat several fine meals with Mr Draplin, School him on the do’s and dont’s of Southern Sweet Tea, and after a Long Saturday of Junking in the River City, we argued over the best kind of gold bond you should use when you find yourself in sweaty & humid situation. Thanks so much to Karen Kurycki and Patrick Carter for making that happen.

Draplin was everything you would expect from the videos we have all seen on the internet, And a whole lot more kind than his rugged bearded exterior would lead you to believe. And definitely more full of hugs than you would expect! You should have seen us hug it out when I first met him, it was like two bears tied up in a wrestling match. It was great to spend time with great mind who shares such a passion for design of things from our past. And it probaby won’t be the last time we cross paths. The Worlds Longest Yard Sale Happens Every Year! If you haven’t gotten a chance to see his presentation, do it! It was as refreshing as a bottled coke from an ice chest on a hot summer day and definitely bullshit free!

Ok, enough talk. Go check out the pics from the show & weekend at these fine links and go buy some American Made DDC products already, we’ve sweat tested em! – TRON

AIGA Written Recap | AIGA Flickr Gallery | Fotobia Facebook Gallery | Tiffany Manning Facebook Gallery

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