Liquid Courage Pint Glass by TRON


It’s Finally here!!! Our Liquid Courage Pint Glass for has finally dropped and man are we stoked! The Pint is $20 and comes in a set of two so you can muster up whatever courage you may be looking for with a buddy, So Erase The Fear With A Cider Or Beer and TRY LIQUID COURAGE!!!

TRON’S Drink of Choice – If a Quart of Hard Cider was enough to give troops the liquid courage they needed every morning before battle, well then by gawd it’s good enough for TRON! Preferably Woodchuck  but just about any cider will do. Non-Alcoholic Option: Homemade Southern Sweet Tea. Xtra Sugar.

Grease’s Drink of Choice – Anything that’s cold, craft brewed and has I.P.A somewhere in the name! 

We are super stoked to be a part of this project with so many other great designers that we admire. Thanks to the Wier/Stewart Crew and North Bound Design for making this whole thing come to life. – TRON

Visit to get your Liquid Courage Pint Today! Set of 2 for $20 – That’s A Deal.

Carl Spackler Shirt – Murray Brothers Golf


So a while back while working at the agency Kendrick still works at, I bonded a relationship with the Murray Brothers Caddyshack folks doing some web, identity, and apparel design for the restaurant and the charity golf tournament. Although that agency doesn’t handle the account anymore, I still get to do some stuff for Bill (Carl Spackler) Murray from time to time which is awesome. Growing up golfing since I was 12 and just being a huge fan of Bill’s in general, I jump when I get the chance to do some of his character work.

Initially this shirt was a super limited edition run for some of the larger supporters of the celebrity charity golf tournament this year but I think it is now available at the Caddyshack restaurant located at the world golf village in St. Augustine, Fl. Yes, I have been lucky enough to meet bill once and it is a crazy story, Super Awkward but amazing non-the-less. If we ever happen to be having drinks together at a conference or we cross paths at an garage sale or a Chick-Fil-A, just ask me and I will tell you all about it! – TRON

Texas Monthly – Editorial Illustrations


Just finished up some insanely fun editorial illustration for the nice folks at Texas Monthly. Big thanks to all the people involved in the production of the project. I love it when a group effort comes together like this!


Creative Direction: TJ Tucker; Art Direction/Layout: Brian Johnson; 3D Rendering: Digital Progression and Illustration by the one and only super talented Grease E. Monkey aka Kendrick Kidd – TRON (Mic Drop)


These were also featured today on the homepage of So go check them out over there and give those wonderful folks some traffic for their troubles! Click here to view the TX Monthly Article now.

UPDATE: Texas Monthly Illustrations featured on and

Brindle Dog Brewing Co – Packaging


Here’s some more fun from the Brindle Dog Brewing Co. project Grease (Kendrick Kidd) worked on in 2011/2012. It’s tough to go wrong when you’re designing for beer & man’s best friend. When the brewery’s owner approached us to help out with the brand & package design we were more than happy to take it!

In addition to the owner’s love for Dee Dee (aka Brindle Dog) he was also adamant about including themes from his home town, Tampa, Florida. After some noodling, we ended up with a Florida postcard esq. design solution. It allowed us to keep the continuity throughout all the pieces and also include the themes important to the owner. Big thanks to Kevin for the project… it was tons of fun. I can’t say enough good things about working with folks who have vision, but trust you enough to let you run. Hope you enjoy. – TRON!

B3AR Fruit – Apparel Lettering

Grease (Kendrick Kidd) had the pleasure of working with B3AR Fruit recently on a project for their winter apparel line. In addition to being all around nice folks, they’ve been cranking away on a crisp set of shirts to keep you fresh through the cold winter months. If you haven’t already, We definitely recommend taking a look through their growing inventory. It’s got some really nice stuff from some other artists as well.

They’ve also produced a nice little feature piece about the company recently that’s worth checking out. Keep a close eye on these folks in 2013, with a solid vision and the drive to succeed, seems like the best is yet to come. Click here to purchase this shirt over on right now! – TRON

Brindle Dog Brewing Co – Identity & Apparel

Here’s a fun project Grease (Kendrick Kidd) spent some time on in 2011 for Brindle Dog Brewing Co. It’s tough to go wrong when you’re designing for beer and man’s best friend. When the brewery’s owner approached us to help out with the brand & package design we were more than happy to take on the work. Above are a few of the logo iterations we went through during the process and a shirt design. – TRON

REAL Guts. REAL Skateboards by Grease

Grease recently had the opportunity to do some illustration work for Andy Pitts & REAL Skateboards. They’ve been running a Low Pro Deck series for a while now & had a need for some new filler in the form of zombie guts… and needless to say we were more than happy to oblige. Can’t say enough good things about working on projects like these. Hard to go wrong when your banging around designs with nice folks on skate projects. P.S. Rumors are the the slime is glow-in-the-dark ink. Give it a try and enjoy. – TRON!

Rightway Signs Apparel Lettering

Here’s a fun lettering project Grease is finishing up for Right Way Signs in Chicago. There are plans to print up some type shirts as a giveaway item at their grand opening in October. So stoked to work on lettering projects like this, it’s by far our favorite kind of work… big thanks to Alex, and hope you enjoy. – TRON

Lefty’s Fabrication and Repair Signage

Grease recently did a logo for his Pop’s Fabrication and Repair Shop “Lefty’s” and he got to make it come to life this weekend by hand right in front of his Dad’s eyes! I think we are not alone when we say that most of our parents don’t really understand what we do or how we make a living as designers or illustrators until you do something they know or can see out in public or something especially for them. So it’s a good feeling when you can pay them back a little bit for all those years of schooling, tuition, and art supplies! – TRON

Rhett & Link – Good Mythical Morning Rooster

Here’s a fun project I just finished up for Rhett & Link. “The comedic duo was looking for a graphic to rep. their Good Mythical Morning show intro and tee promo. After a few emails & texts we landed on the idea of the chicken-dragon or cockatrice as an appropriate mythical mascot. It’s always a ton of fun working with these guys, and I was really impressed with Eden Soto’s take on the animation. Big thanks to Rhett, Link & Eden for making the experience mythically awesome! Be sure to check out their Good Mythical Morning webisodes with your a.m. cup of coffee, it’s always a fun way to start your day. Hope you enjoy.” – Grease.

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