The Type Fight – Letter M by TRON


The weigh in is weighed, the press conference pressed, and the trash talking is trashed. Let the Type Fight Begin!!! Thanks to the Vince Mc’Men of Typography – Drew Roper and Bryan Butler, Lil’ Tuffy and I will be squaring off in the ring starting Tuesday 6.9.15 over at for a bout of epic proportions.

Two analog poster artist going head to head on the digital frontier that is the internet for your viewing and voting pleasure! We put our hearts on the line with these hand-crafted M’s so show some love and vote for your favorite as this fight is sure to go the whole 10 rounds full of Blood, Sweat, and Beers!


A little insight into the design of my M, When I first started sketching for this fight I knew I wanted to try and get a thinner / scripty M and a thicker / bold M in the same letter. Once I got that part down, adding the depth and dimension to it really gave the letter a cool perspective and that little extra something it needed.

Also creating this letter from scratch using just circles and some simple geometry was a really fun exercise and brought back some cool memories of my days working in cad. I hope you enjoy my Letter M and don’t forget to vote! Also keep an eye out for a limited edition print of this guy as well. It also makes a PRETTY AWESOME #3 as well! Dale Earnhardt Forever… YEEEW! – TRON

WALK THE MOON Poster Florida


Recently we had the pleasure of getting to work with “The Wizard of Merch” Mr. Brian Stowell again on a rad gig poster but this time we did something we usually don’t do, Make a poster for a band we aren’t already super fans of. Luckily the internet is a place of instant knowledge so after getting the email we took a quick listen and immediately liked what we heard.

Being a fan of almost all 80’s music, Walk the Moon grabbed me with a very interesting sound that I could only describe as Talking Heads vs Devo with a big side of The Police. Impossible you say? I think not.

The latest record Talking Is Hard is a tiny bit on the pop side but nothing that a grown man such as myself would be embarrassed to sing out loud in the car. The record has become one of my fav’s this year and every time I put it on it ends up just playing on repeat for several hours so needless to say, I dig it.

Now that you have the back story on the band I’ll tell you a little bit about the poster. After watching a few videos of their live performances and a really good cover of Burning Down The House, I could see these guys have a very bright and lively style with a strong nod to 80’s culture but with a very modern spin on it.

So my immediate thought was, how can I portray this bands vibe in the most simple way possible while referencing an 80’s flare but still making a print that someone would want to hang up in their home that didn’t look like MTV threw up on the wall? Shapes, Texture, Type, Raw Color, and Light Cream Paper that’s how. While my sketches didn’t represent how this poster would look in the end, the basic idea of the shapes making the letter forms was there and the textures / over printing really ended up tying it all together.

I wasn’t really sure in the begging where this project was gonna go, but the end results where two fold. I made a poster that caused me to step out of my recent comfort zone that I am really proud of, and I found some rad new music to jam out to. So SHUT UP AND DANCE Bitches!!! – Tron

If you weren’t able to attend the show or just really like the poster, we now have a few copies up for sale in our ONLINE STORE. But don’t sleep on, cause there is less than 20 copies available!


State Plates Project – Florida


A few months back our good friend Jonathan Lawrence asked us to join in on his State Plates Project to which we quickly replied, only if it’s Florida! Kendrick and I are both born and raised in the Sunshine State and we wouldn’t have it any other way. To be honest, I haven’t traveled to that many places outside Florida so it was really my only option. So we locked it in, signed in blood with a spit handshake and here it is.

Jonathan only had one requirement, that we use the date that the state was founded as the plate number and naturally we tried very hard to ignore it because, if any state should get a vanity plate it should be Florida, right? But since Jonathan is such a nice guy we abided, However you can see the variant version below. We thought what better way to combine our precious state fruit and our awesome reputation for outrageous news headlines than to celebrate a drink that is famous for the brutal morning after, The Mimosa! Or for getting it started depending on wether or you are a hair of the dog kind of person or not.


I know most of the country thinks that Florida is just a vacation destination where old people retire and absolutely ridiculous stuff happens on a daily basis, so it would have been real easy to poke fun of ourselves in that respect. But the truth is that Florida is our home, and we wouldn’t change a thing about it. Except for the humidity… I would definitely love to turn that down a couple notches in the summer.

When we thought about recreating the new plate, we knew we wanted to keep some elements of the current plates which have always been pretty nice and clean but also add some elements that have been left out over the years. We are The Sunshine State and there has never been any sign of a sun ever. We also wanted to figure out a unique way to offset the awkward boomerang shape that is our beloved penis peninsula while showing a more recognizable icon of our favorite delicious citrus fruit the orange.

But, It’s Florida so we couldn’t be totally serious now could we. Wether you live here or just visit from time to time, you know that Florida Natives have no problems letting their creative juices flow when it comes to having fun. The Juice is Loose Brah! Visit to see some of the other great plates!

Ray Lamontagne Gig Poster – Jacksonville FL


We are truly excited to finally be able to show our latest hand-screened concert poster for the Ray Lamontagne, Jenny Lewis, and Belle Brigade show in our hometown of Jacksonville, Florida tomorrow on 7.15.2014. We have had this one in the works for quite a while and this print is definitely a new mark for Halftone Def not only in hours involved in design but the size of the print run, colors and the execution.


Everything these amazing singer songwriters do is completely original and hand crafted so we spared no expense on this one as all the flowers are individually arranged just as you would a real bouquet and all of the type and lettering is completely hand drawn to give it that real vintage look. We also took another big step up in our screen printing as this poster uses more halftones than we have ever tried to print… ironically.


How we ended up on a Vintage Tea Tin with flowers instead of Motorcycles or Muscle cars which was an optional part of the original brief for Ray’s latest album SUPERNOVA is beyond me. Usually we would be chomping at the bit to do a poster like that, but after giving the new album a few spins, you could definitely feel that 60’s and 70’s era “Good Old Days” feel to it. And given the venue here in the deep south of North Florida this idea just felt like a natural juxtaposition of all those elements. A dash of the days past, Something old made new again, and sprinkle of southern charm all steeped in a melting pot of some serious soul.

We will have a hand full of copies for sale the day after the show in our online store, so check it! – Tron

Hot Wheels Poster and Icons by Grease


Hot Wheels… that’s right, I said Hot Wheels. Those awesome little die-cast metal cars that are so cool it takes everything I have not to go down that isle in Target even in our mid 30’s. Yeah that Hot Wheels.


A few months back Grease (Kendrick Kidd) had the opportunity to work with Dan Janssen of Soup Graphix on a small piece of a branding book he, and SG were putting together for Hot Wheels. As you can imagine, when the email came through we about lost our minds up in hur. Working on anything for this iconic brand from our years as snot nosed bastards seemed like a mid-day Mexicoke & fish burrito hallucination.

The project came through fast but the direction was on point. And despite a pretty tight turn Grease was able to punch out some quality work for the book. Big thanks to Dan & the folks at SG for lining up the work!

Void Magazine – DNA of Music Cover June 2014


So every now and then we get calls from good friends who own a local Surf / Skate / Lifestyle Publication here in North Florida called Void Magazine. Most of the time they give us plenty of heads up on a project like, oh let’s just say THE COVER. However, this time that heads up consisted of about two weeks but when friends call you gotta make it happen. Lucky for them, they started the email off with “So seeing how you guys are the authority on music related artwork around here…” which never hurts your chances. So Kendrick and I came together like Voltron and brought this bad boy to life and we are super pumped on the outcome. Thanks to the fella’s over Void for the opportunity to work with such an awesome crew once again and if you happen to live in the N. Florida area you should already be seeing this thing invading your favorite local hangout or restaurant with no respect for the authority or elderly. So Hide yo Wife and Kids! – Tron

Read it online here or pick one or two up around town… it makes a great substitute when you run out of TP.

Texas Monthly – Editorial Belt Buckle Illustration


Just finished up another super fun project for the nice folks at Texas Monthly. This time our creative team put together a belt buckle for an editorial piece on living country legend, George Strait. So stoked on how well the buckle rendering turned out… once again Digital Progression comes through with an Ace. Also a huge thanks to TJ for the creative vision and trust. Pulling together a team through multiple time zones on a tight deadline is no easy task, but you seem to pull it off with ease. Cheers to all the collaborations to come.



Creative Direction: TJ Tucker; Illustration: Kendrick Kidd; 3D Rendering: Digital Progression

Eagle One Car Care – Screen Print Poster


Grease (Kendrick Kidd) recently had the opportunity to do some work for the nice folks over at Eagle One. They are hosting a booth at several of the Nitro Circus events this year and were looking to bolster their merch offerings with a few limited edition screen prints. The direction was pretty straight forward: Do something cool that tells the Eagle One story, in a style that the Nitro Circus crowd might like. Done & done!

Big thanks to Tim for hooking up the project and letting Grease run with the ball. And also Tim Styles at Mama’s Sauce for slaying the poster printing. Lots of trust on a hella fun project almost always yields the best results. Hope you enjoy.

REAL Skateboards – Shattered Deck Series


I recently had the opportunity to help out over at REAL Skateboards with a new deck design. I Can’t tell you how much it means to contribute (however small the amount) to an industry that has been a part of my life for so long. Big thanks to Andy & Jim for literally letting me have a crack at it. Looking forward to more rad deck projects in the future and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. Skate or Die Bitches! – Grease


REAL Skateboards – OOZE Team Oval Series


I recently had the opportunity to help out over at REAL Skateboards with a new deck design. I Can’t tell you how much it means to contribute (however small the amount) to an industry that has been a part of my life for so long. Big thanks to Andy & Jim for letting me drool all over it. Looking forward to more rad deck projects in the future and I can’t wait to get my hands on one of these. Skate or Die Bitches! – Grease


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