The Invitation Company – Logo Exploration

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Sometimes, you get to work on really cool projects but they end up taking an unexpected turn or direction in the process and good logo’s get left behind… Like the island of misfit toys. But just because they will never get used for what they were intended doesn’t mean they should never get seen. We also like to show little misfires like this so that you can see some of our process as well. I personally think Grease (Mr Kendrick Kidd) laid the smack down on these little nuggets of goodness, But here they are for all to enjoy! – TRON

Brindle Dog Brewing Co – Identity & Apparel

Here’s a fun project Grease (Kendrick Kidd) spent some time on in 2011 for Brindle Dog Brewing Co. It’s tough to go wrong when you’re designing for beer and man’s best friend. When the brewery’s owner approached us to help out with the brand & package design we were more than happy to take on the work. Above are a few of the logo iterations we went through during the process and a shirt design. – TRON

Stitches & Screens Work Jacket Logo

A couple of years back we threw down and made a vintage looking logo for a friend of ours that owns a Screen Printing and Embroidery shop that exclusively prints all of the Halftone Def Apparel, and we finally convinced him to print it on some good ole Dickies Work Jackets and a few Coaches Jackets as well. Let’s be honest, this logo was born to live on one of these things… So tough. And with a tagline like “Established In Ink, Bound By Thread” from yours truly resting fearlessly at the bottom of a Grease E. Monkey made graphic, you’ve got one bad ass jacket just waiting to find itself doing about 90 on the open road. – TRON.

Lefty’s Fabrication and Repair Signage

Grease recently did a logo for his Pop’s Fabrication and Repair Shop “Lefty’s” and he got to make it come to life this weekend by hand right in front of his Dad’s eyes! I think we are not alone when we say that most of our parents don’t really understand what we do or how we make a living as designers or illustrators until you do something they know or can see out in public or something especially for them. So it’s a good feeling when you can pay them back a little bit for all those years of schooling, tuition, and art supplies! – TRON

HogWaller Mud Bog Logo & Tee Design

Well, If we have learned anything in this life so far… it’s that you win some and you lose some. But it’s not so much the wins that make you better as it is how you deal with the losses. We have always fallen on the “Lemonade out of lemons” side of things here at Halftone Def and it has made us better for it. This project didn’t end up going quite as planned, even though it almost did. A friend approached me about doing a “Nationals Event” shirt for this local mudbog, but every bit of artwork they had was taped together clip art and was completely un-useable. And since this place is in my hometown, I figured I would give a little back and make them a two-fer. I offered to design a “Nationals” shirt that had a new illustration on it that they could use as a future logo. Well, right up until the day it was to be printed everything was a go until one member decided he didn’t like and it all come to a screeching halt the day before the event.

The shirts never got printed and the logo never got used but I was super proud of it so I’m posting it anyway. And hey, If you own a Mudbog and need a logo for it… Here’s proof we can do it! -TRON

Grease’s new Rhett & Link Logo

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It’s no secret we love our brothers from the south Rhett & Link, so when they asked Grease to redesign their logo he hit the brakes on everything else and started firing on all cylinders on this bad boy. A couple new spark plugs and quart of that good ole’ high performance oil he calls diet coke, and the new logo was born! It’s not often that you see someone try a Man-E-Faces type logo and pull it off but Grease slayed this one with the mouse of power like the master of the logo universe he is!. Ok ok, that is enough He-Man references for one post. Anyhow, we saw this recent video from the boys and after laughing our ass of at this youtube caption fail video, we were stoked to see the logo gracing the credits, so we figured it was time to share it with you! If your not familiar with Rhett & Link, go check out their site or watch them on their hit new show COMMERCIAL KINGS on IFC friday nights at 10 pm 9 central. The Chuck Testa Taxidermy video is one of my personal favorites…NOPE! That’s all Folks – TRON!

Precision Ink And Stitch – Identity & Letterpress

Mmmmm, letterpress… some projects are just made for it. Here’s one Grease just finished up for, Precision Ink and Stitch. This Michigan based, family owned start-up was looking for a mark that would emphasize their craftsmanship, and attention to detail. We are really happy they went the extra mile & sprung for the letterpress business cards (printed by the lovely 42pressed). I think the production helped hammer the point home;  they’re serious about what they do. Big thanks to Seth & Dale for all the design trust. We love seeing this kind of work live up to it’s potential!

Below are a couple of design options that didn’t make the cut, but will live on as Tee-shirts… hope you enjoy.

Also thanks to Mint Design Blog | How Magazine | Lovely Stationary for featuring these! – TRON/GREASE

Halftone Def Letter Pressed Cards (Preview)

Halftone Def Order Form Business Cards

Thanks to Jackie over at, in a couple of days we will have these bad boys letter pressed on some very cardboard like 210lb stock. I don’t think Grease or myself have ever been so excited about getting something printed in all our lives. We have always wanted something to hand out to people we meet but we really wanted it to be something more than just an informational card. So when we thought to make it more of a service order or mechanics slip that we could fill out on the spot to whomever we meet just like you would do if you were at a real garage we jumped on it. And after seeing the cards Jackie did for the guys at and watching the video of her process, we were sold that this was the only way to print them. Plus Jackie is a super awesome chick and a hometown printer as well. Oh and one more thing, If you do find yourself on the receiving end of one these little dudes, they will actually be worth more than just the paper they are printed on… Hint Hint (the little blank circle). Stoked like a fire – TRON.

Sam Sports Line – Logo

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A while back I had the opportunity to do a logo for sports reporter & and guru, Sam Kouvaris. After a few sketches and a couple of emails, Sam settled on the idea of a contemporary take on a retro reporters microphone. The idea was pretty straight forward, but very appropriate Sam’s brand of sports news… clean, professional, & worth the read. Hope you enjoy! -GREASE

SWEET N FLOUR – Logo & Stamp Packaging

It’s Pretty Simple actually… My wife Marisa Makes Delicious Handmade Baked Goods, I love her very very much and we Definitely love the goods. So when the time came to make her a logo that would encompass everything about her, We put all our love into it. Grease took what I had started, Rounded the edges and dotted the lines (literally) & made what I thought was good better. And the final product came out awesome as you can see. A cute little curvy logo seal with bows, cupcakes and pies tucked neatly inside… Just like Marisa. You will be seeing much much more of this logo in the future, cause were just preheating the oven!

Visit to see pics and recipes of all Marisa’s wonderful Baked Goods!