Type Study of Egyptian Slate

Grease recently had the opportunity to work with on a type treatment using the Egyptian Slate family. Here is what he had to say about it… “I’m a sucker for a slab serif & was really stoked to get cracking on the project. I chose my grandfather’s former business for a source for inspiration, B & L Floor Covering and Installation Service (Bud & Lopez). He was a hard working man his entire life & owned a piece of the American dream with his business partner “Lopey”. As soon as I saw Egyptian Slate it struck me as a solid, no B.S., working man’s font – the match up seemed perfect.” Above are a few of the pieces he created to compose the graphic. Big thanks to Ryan and the nice folks at for hitting us up! – TRON!

Click here to SEE THE GRAPHIC IN ACTION or PURCHASE this bad boy and make one of your own!

Halftone Def Featured on Allan Peters Blog!

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Big thanks to the talented and super radical Mr. Allan Peters for featuring Halftone Def on his blog today. We are big fans of Allans work as well, not to mention he is the Senior Art Director for my favorite local Super Store TARGET! I pronounce it ( Tar-j-aye ) cause I took 3 years of french in high school… haha. Anyway, Click here to view our feature over on his blog at or just make your way over to to check out his super awesome “Crew Jones” RADical work! – TRON

Stop Talking Start Doing – Help Ink Poster

Grease was recently asked to be a part of an awesome Charity/Art concept called – a collaborative project, using the sale of premium and exclusive art to help charities in an exciting way. Each week, an exclusive piece of art, designed to inspire others to do good in the world, will be released and made available for purchase. Grease Piece titled “Start Doing” will be sending 40% of it’s profits to So get on over there and buy yourself this piece of goodness for a great cause. Thanks to for featuring us and making the world a better place! – TRON

dribbble Time Out with Kendrick Kidd (aka Grease)

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Our very own Grease E. Monkey “aka Kendrick Kidd” was featured today on dribbble’s TIME OUT Interview section of their blog. It’s a pretty quick one but still worth the read. Much Thanks goes out to, we are both huge fans of the site! – Thanks TRON. Click here to read the entire interview with graphics!

P.S. – You can visit our seperate profiles at and but be warned, Grease is somewhat of a dribbble celebrity, I am mostly just on there for body guard/bouncer purposes.

Grease steps into the TYPE FIGHT ring!

In possibly the closest fight ever, Kendrick squeaks past Mike to win by THREE votes, 363 to 360.

FIGHT… FIGHT… a type and a type! If the left W don’t win we all jump in. Haha. There’s nothing like a good ole school yard brawl to get the adrenaline flowin. Halftone Def’s very own Grease E. Monkey, aka Kendrick Kidd, aka THE BANANA HAMMER just squared off against a very fierce Mike Rogers in this weeks typography bout over at TYPEFIGHT.COM. This is gonna be a serious battle as Grease went with the “Float like a butterfly sting like bee” whimsical W that is full of tendrils, texture and flare. But his competitor Mike is coming with a bold as can be, one hit, one punch, hay maker swing that could land him the win or take him out early if he misses his swing because Grease is fast as lightning and his appose-able thumbs pack an extra punch. Although from the looks of it, I think Mr Rogers might be fighting a little on the dirty side taking an half-toned page straight out of our playbook and sending a hit right below the belt!

So take a time out and go to your corner and visit to vote for Grease or I’m coming to your house to dump this bucket of mouth guard spit from Grease’s corner all over your head. – TRON

HDS x BandWagon 2012 – Savannah, GA

Yes, the rumors are true… Halftone Def will be live in person at the Second Annual Band Wagon Poster Show & Record Fair in Savannah GA March 3rd & 4th. And no, after seeing the heavy ass lineup of print makers that will be in attendance we are sure that there were no rumors about us being there, haha. But, in the event you feel like donating to us instead of the homeless guy out back, we will at least give you a poster in exchange! That’s right, aside from the having some of our latest posters up for sale, we have also reprinted a couple of favorites in some rare color variations that if all goes well, will only be available at bandwagon. Unless we don’t sell any of them in which I will be outback with homeless Johnny trying to edge him out for the best spot on the curb. Heck, we might even play a game or two of “Try To Move Me Bro!” where we get asked to leave because we are stinking up the place in which case I will refuse to move.

This year is gonna be amazing, seriously… Aesthetic Apparatus (who?), Draplin and his big ole north western yapper, Methane, Us & Them, Carolina Combo The Half & Half, Fellow Florida boys Lure & Two Arms, Bandito, Dwitt, Burlesque, Morning Breath (No Fn Way), I mean c’mon. This is just getting ridiculous. Anywho, props to the bandwagon peeps for putting this together, we can’t wait to get up there!

One more thing, if you see Grease at our booth/cage be ready to duck, he will throw poop at you! -TRON!

Visit to learn more about the event and times and other important show stuff!

One Hot Minute With Grease… Interview!

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Conor O’Driscoll (designer, writer and Mac nerd from Cork, Ireland) of recently sat down with Grease (aka Kendrick Kidd for a quick interview about design and life as a monkey in general.

So grab yourself a banana and swing on over for a quick minute and check it out! – TRON
Ps. If you got 5 minutes to spare, make sure you check out Mikey Burton & Draplin’s interviews as well!

The Ampersand Collection X GREASE / HDS

A couple of months ago, Grease Himself was asked to be a part of Hi55’s Ampersand Collection. As big fans of the work those guys have put out, HDS jumped at the chance to be a part of this first rad collection along side this talented cast of designers Ryan Brinkerhoff, Riley Cran, Scott Hill, Anthony Lane, Drew Melton, Chris Sandlin, Sergey Shapiro, and Michael Tabie.

After much doing, Ross Moody of 55 hi’s has just released The Ampersand Collection. Ten, 9×9 original screen prints of ampersands from Ten different designers around the globe. Limited Quantities Available.

Big thanks to Ross for putting the project together & for hand screening all the prints! It’s a huge task to take on, but the result is looking impressive! If you haven’t already, please take a few seconds out of your day to check out the project… and if you’re feeling sassy, pick up a pack or two of the limited addition prints!

To Resolve Project – Love What You Have

Grease was recently asked to be a part of yet another collective recently called TO RESOLVE PROJECT, which basically encourages designers to create a resolution for the new year as an iPhone background. You can learn more about it here. Grease’s piece titled “Love What You Have” is a great one to go with If you want to get an early start on your resolution for 2012 . Especially around this time of year with all the holiday greed, …er I mean cheer. We ( a collective we of all designers) like to complain a lot. From photoshop to invoices. Grease says “There’s so many things I would like to resolve post 2011, but for me, this resolution stood out more than the others. If I can can manage this in 2012, it should be a successful year.” Well said old chap! Lets all start this year with being happy with what we love and already have. (except posters)

When you have a moment, check out the other To Resolve Project submissions organized & collected by Chris Streger. Big thanks thanks brother putting together another wicked rad collective. – TRON & GREASE

Featured in THE BEST OF 2011 on FPO

We just got word from our good friend @averagejim that we got featured among THE BEST OF 2011 Part One on FPO for Grease and I’s personal business cards that they featured earlier this year. Needless to say we are super stoked! These cards were a long time in the making, and we are so proud of how they turned out. Jackie over at did such a wonderful job of printing them and walking us through one of our first letter press experiences. We love these cards so much, it’s actually kinda hard to let em go. Each one of them feels like a tiny little print and we stamp everyone with care! Thanks so much to everyone who has given us compliments on these over the last year, making your own business cards is one of the toughest things a designer can do. If you are gonna be at in Savannah this coming March, stop by our booth and get one, it’s gonna be a freakin blast. – Thanks TRON!

And special thanks to Armin at FPO for featuring us once again, “These Cards Don’t Let Up” made us laugh & feel super awesome at the same time!

Click here to see the many other wonderful pieces & designers featured in Part One as well!

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