VOID Magazine Limited Edition Tee Shirt


Surf, skate, music, fishing & eateries… VOID magazine covers it all, in North Florida. I recently ran in to Tye & Aaron (founders of V.M.) in the line-up… though none of us had worked together before, the conversation had come up several times, and seemed like something we were all interested in. So between sets of thigh-high summer mush, we started kicking around the possibility of doing some shirt designs for VOID. I was so stoked on the idea, I couldn’t wait to start sketching. It wasn’t long before before I had a rough line drawing for what you see above. I’m a huge fan of anything detailed/intricate, and given V.M.’s wide rage of coverage in NorFl, an “everything shirt” seemed like a natural fit…

If you haven’t already, check out the new issue of VOID in stores now, & don’t forget to show some V.M. love by picking up one of these crispy fresh tees’, available on their site. – GREASE

WhaleFace Band Tee and Typeface


Here’s a tee design I just finished up for the band, Whaleface. The melodic hardcore rockers are setting up for a mini tour of north Florida & will no doubt make their way through the greater southeast region of the U.S later this year. But before they set out to conquer the music scene they needed a couple of tees to peddle at their shows to help pay for gas, beer, peanut butter & Twizzlers. If at any point today you’re thinking about grabbing a cup of joe or Red Bull to wake you up from your weekend weariness, I highly recommend giving Whaleface a listen instead, for a quick jolt of jarring raw energy. First show kicks off this Thursday, August 13th at the LandShark in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. – GREASE


Test-Tee’s Test-Tee’s 123… Grease’s Test-Tee

Greases Test-Tees

Halftones, Zipatones, Dashes & Lines, that’s what fun designs are made of… well, that among other things. Just in case you’re wondering what details will & won’t hold up in your retro tee designs, this styley shirt gives you the numbers that work & keeps you dressing snappy in the mean time. Printed on 100% Ultra Cotton Ice Gray Gildan Tee’s

Shirt quantities are limited (like 20… total), so scoop’m up while you can!

PURCHASE ONE… OR TWO now in our Online Store for $20 Bones plus shipping.

You can also view the images in much larger size and detail in our Clothing and Apparel Flickr Set

Greases Test-Tees

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