Love What You Do – Tees

We recently got asked to do a shirt design for our good friends for the #SHRM12 Conference (The largest HR conference in the WORLD) in Atlanta this weekend to represent thier brand and to encourage people to “Love What You Do”. is considered the eHarmony for hiring and will be at booth 3952 if you want to drop on by and try to wrangle yourself up one of these sweet shirts! visit the website to learn about a more ‘Scientific’ Method To Job Hunting – Thanks TRON!

Salvation Army Wardrobe – Apparel Design

Grease just finished up a super fun shirt design for The Salvation Army’s Wardrobe Project. For those of you who haven’t checked it out yet, here’s a few words from T.S.A.about the initiative:

“Using clothing as a canvas to impact the world; WARdrobe supports The Salvation Army’s global fight for social justice through art and apparel. WARdrobe has enlisted some of the hottest graphic artists from around the world and the roster continues to grow. These artists donate their time and talents to art projects that raise funds and awareness for different Salvation Army supported causes. The Salvation Army is a non-profit currently at work in over 120 countries. Whether caring for HIV/AIDS orphaned children in Tanzania or housing victims of human trafficking in Indonesia – The Salvation Army is committed to using creative solutions to meet human needs and positively transform lives without discrimination.”

Big thanks to Fulton Hawk for helping organize such a worthwhile effort, and letting Grease have a crack at one of the shirt designs! Keep an eye out for the shirt release in late July/August! – TRON.

Spitfire Wheels Apparel Design by Grease!

Grease just recently finished up a project with the nice folks over at Deluxe, for Spitfire Wheels. “Can’t tell you how stoked I am to be working on a brand that I grew up with. It’s the kind of design nugget I’ve clamber for. Big thanks to Andy Pitts for the opportunity… always great to work with talented people on cool projects” – Grease Keep an eye out for this puppy, and more in the spring of 2013. Hope you enjoy. – TRON!

Evernote x Halftone Def – Austin Project

So back in August, we received an awesome email from Evernote about doing a graphic for their soon to be Austin Texas office. We were excited to say the least, because not only do we use their awesome product, but also because they are blowing up right now. I mean, The App Hall Of Fame, NY Times Top Ten Must Have Apps, Best Mobile App from TechCrunch, Mashable and The Webby’s… Come on!

The Project was to create an illustration that encompassed their logo with things from in and around Austin that could be used on a shirt, poster, business card, or signage. So the overall idea had to be pretty flexible yet recognizable. Now we aren’t the first ones to make a logo out of smaller illustrations but the idea just seamed to work for this. And lucky for us, we have a few close friends who were able to give us the super inside scoop about awesome things in Austin that only people who live there know about (Thanks Clif!). We like to think this illustration could become a sort of insider map for people visiting Austin, haha.

Even though the idea seemed pretty simple, the execution however was not. This thing basically has over 20 different logo’s in it. But the Evernote guys were awesome all the way thought the whole project and we can’t wait to work with them again! From concept to execution, we had a blast. So next time your in the Austin TX area give them a shout or stop by the office, I hear they are hiring! – TRON & GREASE

HogWaller Mud Bog Logo & Tee Design

Well, If we have learned anything in this life so far… it’s that you win some and you lose some. But it’s not so much the wins that make you better as it is how you deal with the losses. We have always fallen on the “Lemonade out of lemons” side of things here at Halftone Def and it has made us better for it. This project didn’t end up going quite as planned, even though it almost did. A friend approached me about doing a “Nationals Event” shirt for this local mudbog, but every bit of artwork they had was taped together clip art and was completely un-useable. And since this place is in my hometown, I figured I would give a little back and make them a two-fer. I offered to design a “Nationals” shirt that had a new illustration on it that they could use as a future logo. Well, right up until the day it was to be printed everything was a go until one member decided he didn’t like and it all come to a screeching halt the day before the event.

The shirts never got printed and the logo never got used but I was super proud of it so I’m posting it anyway. And hey, If you own a Mudbog and need a logo for it… Here’s proof we can do it! -TRON

VOID Magazine Limited Edition Tee Shirt


Surf, skate, music, fishing & eateries… VOID magazine covers it all, in North Florida. I recently ran in to Tye & Aaron (founders of V.M.) in the line-up… though none of us had worked together before, the conversation had come up several times, and seemed like something we were all interested in. So between sets of thigh-high summer mush, we started kicking around the possibility of doing some shirt designs for VOID. I was so stoked on the idea, I couldn’t wait to start sketching. It wasn’t long before before I had a rough line drawing for what you see above. I’m a huge fan of anything detailed/intricate, and given V.M.’s wide rage of coverage in NorFl, an “everything shirt” seemed like a natural fit…

If you haven’t already, check out the new issue of VOID in stores now, & don’t forget to show some V.M. love by picking up one of these crispy fresh tees’, available on their site. – GREASE

WhaleFace Band Tee and Typeface


Here’s a tee design I just finished up for the band, Whaleface. The melodic hardcore rockers are setting up for a mini tour of north Florida & will no doubt make their way through the greater southeast region of the U.S later this year. But before they set out to conquer the music scene they needed a couple of tees to peddle at their shows to help pay for gas, beer, peanut butter & Twizzlers. If at any point today you’re thinking about grabbing a cup of joe or Red Bull to wake you up from your weekend weariness, I highly recommend giving Whaleface a listen instead, for a quick jolt of jarring raw energy. First show kicks off this Thursday, August 13th at the LandShark in Jacksonville Beach, Florida. – GREASE


Test-Tee’s Test-Tee’s 123… Grease’s Test-Tee

Greases Test-Tees

Halftones, Zipatones, Dashes & Lines, that’s what fun designs are made of… well, that among other things. Just in case you’re wondering what details will & won’t hold up in your retro tee designs, this styley shirt gives you the numbers that work & keeps you dressing snappy in the mean time. Printed on 100% Ultra Cotton Ice Gray Gildan Tee’s

Shirt quantities are limited (like 20… total), so scoop’m up while you can!

PURCHASE ONE… OR TWO now in our Online Store for $20 Bones plus shipping.

You can also view the images in much larger size and detail in our Clothing and Apparel Flickr Set

Greases Test-Tees

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