B3AR Fruit – Apparel Lettering

Grease (Kendrick Kidd) had the pleasure of working with B3AR Fruit recently on a project for their winter apparel line. In addition to being all around nice folks, they’ve been cranking away on a crisp set of shirts to keep you fresh through the cold winter months. If you haven’t already, We definitely recommend taking a look through their growing inventory. It’s got some really nice stuff from some other artists as well.

They’ve also produced a nice little feature piece about the company recently that’s worth checking out. Keep a close eye on these folks in 2013, with a solid vision and the drive to succeed, seems like the best is yet to come. Click here to purchase this shirt over on B3ARfruit.storefrontier.com right now! – TRON

Brindle Dog Brewing Co – Identity & Apparel

Here’s a fun project Grease (Kendrick Kidd) spent some time on in 2011 for Brindle Dog Brewing Co. It’s tough to go wrong when you’re designing for beer and man’s best friend. When the brewery’s owner approached us to help out with the brand & package design we were more than happy to take on the work. Above are a few of the logo iterations we went through during the process and a shirt design. – TRON

Stitches & Screens Work Jacket Logo

A couple of years back we threw down and made a vintage looking logo for a friend of ours that owns a Screen Printing and Embroidery shop that exclusively prints all of the Halftone Def Apparel, and we finally convinced him to print it on some good ole Dickies Work Jackets and a few Coaches Jackets as well. Let’s be honest, this logo was born to live on one of these things… So tough. And with a tagline like “Established In Ink, Bound By Thread” from yours truly resting fearlessly at the bottom of a Grease E. Monkey made graphic, you’ve got one bad ass jacket just waiting to find itself doing about 90 on the open road. – TRON.

The Modus Bearing Project by Grease

So it’s only fitting that a Bearing Company would call on Kendrick “Grease” Kidd to work on their new branding and apparel project from halfway across the world. The Australia based MODUS BEARING folks known for The Highest Quality Skateboard Bearings Since 2003 have been hard at work expanding their brand and soft goods over the last year and Halftone Def has been glad and thankful that we have had the opportunity to work such great folks! So keep an eye out for more from Modus and the Def but for now watch this rad video featuring the epic human that is John Rattray. Keep it south and dirty! – TRON

Visit ModusBearings.com to learn more about this roll fast and made to last bearing company!

Rightway Signs Apparel Lettering

Here’s a fun lettering project Grease is finishing up for Right Way Signs in Chicago. There are plans to print up some type shirts as a giveaway item at their grand opening in October. So stoked to work on lettering projects like this, it’s by far our favorite kind of work… big thanks to Alex, and hope you enjoy. – TRON

Love What You Do – Path.to Tees

We recently got asked to do a shirt design for our good friends Path.to for the #SHRM12 Conference (The largest HR conference in the WORLD) in Atlanta this weekend to represent thier brand and to encourage people to “Love What You Do”. Path.to is considered the eHarmony for hiring and will be at booth 3952 if you want to drop on by and try to wrangle yourself up one of these sweet shirts! visit the website http://www.Path.to to learn about a more ‘Scientific’ Method To Job Hunting – Thanks TRON!

Salvation Army Wardrobe – Apparel Design

Grease just finished up a super fun shirt design for The Salvation Army’s Wardrobe Project. For those of you who haven’t checked it out yet, here’s a few words from T.S.A.about the initiative:

“Using clothing as a canvas to impact the world; WARdrobe supports The Salvation Army’s global fight for social justice through art and apparel. WARdrobe has enlisted some of the hottest graphic artists from around the world and the roster continues to grow. These artists donate their time and talents to art projects that raise funds and awareness for different Salvation Army supported causes. The Salvation Army is a non-profit currently at work in over 120 countries. Whether caring for HIV/AIDS orphaned children in Tanzania or housing victims of human trafficking in Indonesia – The Salvation Army is committed to using creative solutions to meet human needs and positively transform lives without discrimination.”

Big thanks to Fulton Hawk for helping organize such a worthwhile effort, and letting Grease have a crack at one of the shirt designs! Keep an eye out for the shirt release in late July/August! – TRON.

Spitfire Wheels Apparel Design by Grease!

Grease just recently finished up a project with the nice folks over at Deluxe, for Spitfire Wheels. “Can’t tell you how stoked I am to be working on a brand that I grew up with. It’s the kind of design nugget I’ve clamber for. Big thanks to Andy Pitts for the opportunity… always great to work with talented people on cool projects” – Grease Keep an eye out for this puppy, and more in the spring of 2013. Hope you enjoy. – TRON!

Evernote x Halftone Def – Austin Project

So back in August, we received an awesome email from Evernote about doing a graphic for their soon to be Austin Texas office. We were excited to say the least, because not only do we use their awesome product, but also because they are blowing up right now. I mean, The App Hall Of Fame, NY Times Top Ten Must Have Apps, Best Mobile App from TechCrunch, Mashable and The Webby’s… Come on!

The Project was to create an illustration that encompassed their logo with things from in and around Austin that could be used on a shirt, poster, business card, or signage. So the overall idea had to be pretty flexible yet recognizable. Now we aren’t the first ones to make a logo out of smaller illustrations but the idea just seamed to work for this. And lucky for us, we have a few close friends who were able to give us the super inside scoop about awesome things in Austin that only people who live there know about (Thanks Clif!). We like to think this illustration could become a sort of insider map for people visiting Austin, haha.

Even though the idea seemed pretty simple, the execution however was not. This thing basically has over 20 different logo’s in it. But the Evernote guys were awesome all the way thought the whole project and we can’t wait to work with them again! From concept to execution, we had a blast. So next time your in the Austin TX area give them a shout or stop by the office, I hear they are hiring! – TRON & GREASE

HogWaller Mud Bog Logo & Tee Design

Well, If we have learned anything in this life so far… it’s that you win some and you lose some. But it’s not so much the wins that make you better as it is how you deal with the losses. We have always fallen on the “Lemonade out of lemons” side of things here at Halftone Def and it has made us better for it. This project didn’t end up going quite as planned, even though it almost did. A friend approached me about doing a “Nationals Event” shirt for this local mudbog, but every bit of artwork they had was taped together clip art and was completely un-useable. And since this place is in my hometown, I figured I would give a little back and make them a two-fer. I offered to design a “Nationals” shirt that had a new illustration on it that they could use as a future logo. Well, right up until the day it was to be printed everything was a go until one member decided he didn’t like and it all come to a screeching halt the day before the event.

The shirts never got printed and the logo never got used but I was super proud of it so I’m posting it anyway. And hey, If you own a Mudbog and need a logo for it… Here’s proof we can do it! -TRON

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