SPAMERICA Tour Poster Jacksonville


We recently had the great pleasure of working with one of America’s most classic food brands SPAM on a poster for the Jacksonville leg of the SPAMERICA Tour! It was a pretty awesome experience, from the sketch phase right down to the actual event. We jump at the chance to represent our hometown on pretty much any occasion but for a brand as big as SPAM and as one of only 13 cities on the tour we were stoked.


So how do you summarize a city as big and diverse as Jacksonville without using any recognizable landmarks or trademarked brands? You pick the most random and locally know landmark there is and give him a little makeover, thus the J-Rex is born. And we sprinkled a few more icons in there for good measure just to make sure we covered all of our basis. Add the SPAM signature colors and Done!



Thanks to everyone who stopped by and snagged a print or two and some “SPAMples” as I like to call them. I also wanted to give a quick thanks to my good friends Tim Styles and Hogan Birney at Mama’s Sauce for a rad print job and CKY / JPB for the referral. Last but not least EAT SOME SPAM yall! – TRON.


AIGA Always Summer Weekend X Halftone Def


We are proud to announce that we will be giving our Un-Official SHIFT WORK Presentation this Friday here in our hometown of Jacksonville, Florida as a part of the AIGA Always Summer Weekend. We love this event and have had so much fun participating in it over the last six years that we were able to talk our local AIGA chapter into letting us give our presentation the night before the poster show and mixtape as a part of an extended weekend of events this year. So come out to Industry West on Hendricks Avenue behind High Tide Burrito this Friday night and listen to us talk your ear off for about an hour. If you like to laugh at really obscure 80’s references with some design work peppered in between then this event is def for you!

Click here to Register for SHIFT WORK: A Presentation by Halftone Def Studios
Registration for AIGA Members is ($10.00) Non-Members ($20.00)
Social Hour is at 6:30 p.m. / Presentation is at 7:30 p.m.


Go ahead and make a weekend out of it come out to the Poster Show & Mixtape Saturday night as well. We will also be there selling the left over poster you see above from the previous night at our speaking event and some other posters from our inventory as well at “Hometown Prices” you won’t see again, as well as some long gone and never available prints that we just found laying around the shop. If you have never been to the Poster Show and Mixtape, everyone picks a song and designs a poster for it and the DJ spins the song in a playlist all night long. It’s a super fun time and It’s across the street from Bold City. Win/Win.

Click here to Register for the Poster Show & Mixtape and save $5.
General Admission tickets are $10 AIGA Members | $20 Non-Members the day of the event.

HDS x BandWagon 2012 – Savannah, GA

Yes, the rumors are true… Halftone Def will be live in person at the Second Annual Band Wagon Poster Show & Record Fair in Savannah GA March 3rd & 4th. And no, after seeing the heavy ass lineup of print makers that will be in attendance we are sure that there were no rumors about us being there, haha. But, in the event you feel like donating to us instead of the homeless guy out back, we will at least give you a poster in exchange! That’s right, aside from the having some of our latest posters up for sale, we have also reprinted a couple of favorites in some rare color variations that if all goes well, will only be available at bandwagon. Unless we don’t sell any of them in which I will be outback with homeless Johnny trying to edge him out for the best spot on the curb. Heck, we might even play a game or two of “Try To Move Me Bro!” where we get asked to leave because we are stinking up the place in which case I will refuse to move.

This year is gonna be amazing, seriously… Aesthetic Apparatus (who?), Draplin and his big ole north western yapper, Methane, Us & Them, Carolina Combo The Half & Half, Fellow Florida boys Lure & Two Arms, Bandito, Dwitt, Burlesque, Morning Breath (No Fn Way), I mean c’mon. This is just getting ridiculous. Anywho, props to the bandwagon peeps for putting this together, we can’t wait to get up there!

One more thing, if you see Grease at our booth/cage be ready to duck, he will throw poop at you! -TRON!

Visit to learn more about the event and times and other important show stuff!

Always Summer 2011 Poster Show Recap

I apologize in the delay of posting this but we just had so much to talk about with this one it took me a while to wrangle it all up! The 2011 AIGA Always Summer Poster Show & MixTape was a big one for us this year for many reasons. First of all, I strong armed Grease into actually doing a poster for it, My poster idea had a little more meaning behind than just a song, and most of all one of my favorite designers / brother from a long lost mother – Aaron Draplin was coming to give his “Tall Tales From A Large Man” presentation the night before. How Freakin Awesome!

We didn’t actually get to screen our posters this year for the event but we got something just a little bit better… We got to eat several fine meals with Mr Draplin, School him on the do’s and dont’s of Southern Sweet Tea, and after a Long Saturday of Junking in the River City, we argued over the best kind of gold bond you should use when you find yourself in sweaty & humid situation. Thanks so much to Karen Kurycki and Patrick Carter for making that happen.

Draplin was everything you would expect from the videos we have all seen on the internet, And a whole lot more kind than his rugged bearded exterior would lead you to believe. And definitely more full of hugs than you would expect! You should have seen us hug it out when I first met him, it was like two bears tied up in a wrestling match. It was great to spend time with great mind who shares such a passion for design of things from our past. And it probaby won’t be the last time we cross paths. The Worlds Longest Yard Sale Happens Every Year! If you haven’t gotten a chance to see his presentation, do it! It was as refreshing as a bottled coke from an ice chest on a hot summer day and definitely bullshit free!

Ok, enough talk. Go check out the pics from the show & weekend at these fine links and go buy some American Made DDC products already, we’ve sweat tested em! – TRON

AIGA Written Recap | AIGA Flickr Gallery | Fotobia Facebook Gallery | Tiffany Manning Facebook Gallery

Always Summer Poster Show 2011

This weekend kicks off AIGA Jacksonville’s annual membership drive better known as the Always Summer Poster Show. There will be close to 100 posters on display this year, all created by the truly talented crop of local designers from, and around, Jacksonville. In addition, passion and inspiration will be exuding this Friday, September 30, when Portland designer Aaron Draplin stops to kickoff the weekend with his “Tall Tales from a Large Man.” Reserve your seat now to catch him speak! It’s definitely going to be a radical weekend to close out our cruel summers of Jacksonville. Hope to see you all out! ~ varick, AIGA Communications Director Via AIGAJAX Blog Article – A Cruel Summer, Johnny

Above on the left is our “Cruel Summer” poster from last year and one of our personal favorites “In The Meantime – Space Hog” by Micheal Barnhart. Come stop by our table at the show and give us a High Five, We will be selling back stock of some of our older posters as well. Some of which have never been for sale before so come getchu some! – TRON.

Check out more pics from the Always Summer Poster Show 2010.

AIGA Toy Show – “Loueegee The Squeegee”


So this year, we were fortunate enough to be able to participate in the annual AIGA Bags in Toyland Show at the Old Library this past Friday. The show was a blast and there were tons of great custom toys and good music by our friends at ThoughtandTheory. And now we have an official mascot for the shop in “Loueegee The Squeegee”. Also Featured in this pic is “Clary The Cupcake” via my awesome wife and baker Marisa at SweetNFlour. Check out the rest of the show pics via Tiffany Manning’s Excellent photography! – TRON

AIGA Always Summer Poster – Cruel Summer

Click here to see the Alternate Version of the CRUEL SUMMER POSTER on WHITE Paper Stock

It’s that time again for the second annual AIGA Always Summer Poster Show & Mixtape. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite shows next to the SkateDeck show we do every year. For those of you not familiar with it, Each artist/designer picks a favorite summer song of theirs and designs around it, and the DJ’s spin the songs during the festivities. This year we chose an old Favorite called CRUEL SUMMER by an 80’s group named BANANARAMA. For both Grease & I, the first thing that comes to mind when we hear this song is the scene from KARATE KID where Danielson and Ali are playing soccer. So that’s where we went with it, and had a blast doing so. So much in fact we thought about doing a series of overprints like this, but then we start thinking about how long it took to do all those portraiture’s… haha! We’ll See.


This poster was a first for Grease and I, in that this was the first time we purposely tried to do an overprint with transparency using the extender. We experimented with the ratio’s quite a bit and pretty much found out that its trial by fire, and also that the paper color and background solid play a pretty big part of it. We actually printed this poster on both Khaki French Speckletone and solid white sheets. Both seem to yield pretty big differences but both had their own special qualities. The White definitely popped more and played better to the halftones in the brighter orange but the khaki soaked up the orange quite a bit letting the transparency come through a lot more. We might try one more color combo with this print just to experiment with the transparency a bit more, so we’ll keep you posted. We’ll post pics of the actual poster real soon.

You can also check pics of the show on @PointShootEnjoy flickr set & on the Jensen Hande Blog.

Also check out our poster from last years Inaugural Event… Tim Armstrong – Wake Up It’s Summer Bitch

IM BOARD IV – Halftone Def Show Decks


Chad Landenberger’s annual I’M BOARD series is one of our favorite art shows in the Jacksonville area. We grew up skating, and for most of our lives we have been interested in the art and culture that surrounds the sport. So when the opportunity came around for the fourth time, We were stoked to spend some time creating the decks pictured above for Halftone Def Studios, and I’M BOARD IV. Thanks to Chad and all the folks who made the event possible, it was a seriously great night with a heck-of-a-lot-a rad art.


If you didn’t make it to the show, you can check out a few of the pics taken by Sarah at pointshootenjoy

Board Tomorrow? Come to I’m Board IV


So this is my #2 Pencil Skateboard Deck from last years IM BOARD 3 show, which I gotta say was the best show yet and is gonna be hard to beat this year. Full Skate Demo, Break Dance Crews, and Rad Skate decks. I would love to show you my submission for this year’s show which is tomorrow during Art Walk, but my pics just wouldn’t do it justice so your gonna have to come see for yourself. I will tell you however, that it is somewhat along the same lines as the #2 Pencil from last year in that its not about the design on the deck but using the decks shape to make something else. Having designed decks for Flatline Skateboards for 7 years I’ve done my fair share of graphics on the board printing, and this is a little more challenging for me and a great opportunity for humor, which I love. Below are Grease’s Decks from last year as well -TRON


Check out for more info on the show. And as always, Props To Chad!!!

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