Carl Spackler Shirt – Murray Brothers Golf


So a while back while working at the agency Kendrick still works at, I bonded a relationship with the Murray Brothers Caddyshack folks doing some web, identity, and apparel design for the restaurant and the charity golf tournament. Although that agency doesn’t handle the account anymore, I still get to do some stuff for Bill (Carl Spackler) Murray from time to time which is awesome. Growing up golfing since I was 12 and just being a huge fan of Bill’s in general, I jump when I get the chance to do some of his character work.

Initially this shirt was a super limited edition run for some of the larger supporters of the celebrity charity golf tournament this year but I think it is now available at the Caddyshack restaurant located at the world golf village in St. Augustine, Fl. Yes, I have been lucky enough to meet bill once and it is a crazy story, Super Awkward but amazing non-the-less. If we ever happen to be having drinks together at a conference or we cross paths at an garage sale or a Chick-Fil-A, just ask me and I will tell you all about it! – TRON