Bold City Brewery – Packaging Feature


So for those who may not know, even though Kendrick and I met outside of work, we kindled our well oiled relationship that later became Halftone Def at a little well know Jacksonville Agency know as The Shepherd Agency. We spent many a days there jammed up in the same cubicle, iMac to iMac making all things graphic and interactive. I have since moved on after 5 years of driving 45 minutes to work everyday to a place a little closer to the beach but Kendrick is still there along with a ton of other great folks making graphic magic everyday. While I was still there, I got to witness the beginning of something truly amazing. Something that every designer dreams of working on and every city dreams of having, a craft brewery with a passion for great beer and an eye for great design. It was there, that the branding distinctively know as BOLD CITY BREWERY was born, mostly on the wings of an amazing copywriter named Jacquie Wojcik.

Bold City Brewery has come along way since those days of Kendrick hand making the wooden tap handles in the comp room with sticker paper and exacto knives. The amazing printed cans you see above may just look like another container to drink delicious beer from but they are a whole lot more than that. They are a vision come to life and a milestone, both logistically and aesthetically. So I want to send out the biggest high five possible to not only to Brian and the Bold City Brewery folks but to Kendrick and the rest of the Shepherd crew for a job well done. I know I speak for the whole city when I say Jacksonville is proud to call you our own and we look forward to much much more to come. Congrats and CHEERS! – TRON

To see more of the amazing work Kendrick has done for BCB, check out his post over on