Board Tomorrow? Come to I’m Board IV


So this is my #2 Pencil Skateboard Deck from last years IM BOARD 3 show, which I gotta say was the best show yet and is gonna be hard to beat this year. Full Skate Demo, Break Dance Crews, and Rad Skate decks. I would love to show you my submission for this year’s show which is tomorrow during Art Walk, but my pics just wouldn’t do it justice so your gonna have to come see for yourself. I will tell you however, that it is somewhat along the same lines as the #2 Pencil from last year in that its not about the design on the deck but using the decks shape to make something else. Having designed decks for Flatline Skateboards for 7 years I’ve done my fair share of graphics on the board printing, and this is a little more challenging for me and a great opportunity for humor, which I love. Below are Grease’s Decks from last year as well -TRON


Check out for more info on the show. And as always, Props To Chad!!!