33.3 Art Show – WEEN / The Mollusk by Grease

Here’s one Grease recently put together for Dana Lechtenberg’s 33.3 art show. The show invited designer/illustrators to reinterpret existing album covers for a one night showing at Schera’s Fine Art in Elkader, Iowa. Grease chose WEEN’s 1997 album, The Mollusk as his inspiration. It’s been a favorite in his collection since hearing The Golden Eel in Volcom’s Freedom Wig. On a side note, Grease had no idea that an octopus was a mollusk until he started researching this project… pretty cool.

If you haven’t checked out the 33.3 site already, I definitely recommend taking a peek when you have a minute to spare. Lots of talented contributors & a heap ton of great work going on. Big thanks to Dana for his time & organizational skills, wrangling this many creative folks is no small task. – TRON

Grease’s new Rhett & Link Logo

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It’s no secret we love our brothers from the south Rhett & Link, so when they asked Grease to redesign their logo he hit the brakes on everything else and started firing on all cylinders on this bad boy. A couple new spark plugs and quart of that good ole’ high performance oil he calls diet coke, and the new logo was born! It’s not often that you see someone try a Man-E-Faces type logo and pull it off but Grease slayed this one with the mouse of power like the master of the logo universe he is!. Ok ok, that is enough He-Man references for one post. Anyhow, we saw this recent video from the boys and after laughing our ass of at this youtube caption fail video, we were stoked to see the logo gracing the credits, so we figured it was time to share it with you! If your not familiar with Rhett & Link, go check out their site or watch them on their hit new show COMMERCIAL KINGS on IFC friday nights at 10 pm 9 central. The Chuck Testa Taxidermy video is one of my personal favorites…NOPE! That’s all Folks – TRON!

Always Summer Poster Show 2011

This weekend kicks off AIGA Jacksonville’s annual membership drive better known as the Always Summer Poster Show. There will be close to 100 posters on display this year, all created by the truly talented crop of local designers from, and around, Jacksonville. In addition, passion and inspiration will be exuding this Friday, September 30, when Portland designer Aaron Draplin stops to kickoff the weekend with his “Tall Tales from a Large Man.” Reserve your seat now to catch him speak! It’s definitely going to be a radical weekend to close out our cruel summers of Jacksonville. Hope to see you all out! ~ varick, AIGA Communications Director Via AIGAJAX Blog Article – A Cruel Summer, Johnny

Above on the left is our “Cruel Summer” poster from last year and one of our personal favorites “In The Meantime – Space Hog” by Micheal Barnhart. Come stop by our table at the show and give us a High Five, We will be selling back stock of some of our older posters as well. Some of which have never been for sale before so come getchu some! – TRON.

Check out more pics from the Always Summer Poster Show 2010.

A Beast Every Week x HDS (Grease)

A little while back, we got invited by Ellis Latham-Brown to be a part of this new illustrative collective A BEAST EVERY WEEK inspired by the bestiary of yore. Every week a different illustrator will compose a new illustration of a beast, creature, monster, etc. from their own unique perspective. Super excited about this project, we quickly converted our garage into a laboratory of illustration madness. Some lines were crossed, some body parts were lost, and some potassium was sacrificed, but science prevailed and a Beast Was Born! Grease may not get the Nobel Prize for this sea beast creation but the waters of North Florida just got a little more freighting! Stay tuned for beast #2. – TRON

Be sure to visit beasteveryweek.com and check out some of the other rad illustrated beasts!

THE MOMENTUS PROJECT – Hurricane Katrina

Grease (aka Kendrick Kidd) was recently asked by @EvanStremke to do an illustration representing the Hurricane Katrina Disaster for THE MOMENTUS PROJECT – A collaborative project in which a select group of designers, illustrators, and artists create visual interpretations of the most defining moments in United States history as a way of informing others of our proud, yet sometimes troubled and forgotten past.

“Hailing from North Florida, this project was real close to home for us so we are proud to represent this moment in history the best we can along side of so many other great illustrators who also participated in this project.” – Grease

The Hurricane Katrina Disaster
In August of 2005, the twelfth tropical depression of the summer had formed over the southeastern Bahamas, and was upgraded to a tropical storm just one day later, at which point it was given the name Katrina. The storm continued to move toward Florida and only became a hurricane just two days before making landfall in the United States, and had grown from a category 3 to a category 5 in under nine hours. Throughout the disaster, both local governments and the national government were criticized for their preparation, response, and overall involvement in relief efforts. In the end, over $80 billion in damage was done, leaving over 1,800 confirmed dead.

Make sure and visit THE MOMENTUS PROJECT and check out all the other great illustrations as well.

FPO Feature – HDS Monkey Business Cards

Halftone Def Studios has been a labor of love for the past four years. We enjoy the griminess of the screen printing process, and pulling ink for the majority of our posters by hand. We wanted our business card to reflect our straight-forward, hands-on approach. The result, is the relatively labor-intensive nugget pictured above. We hope it lets people know about our work ethic and honest love for our craft… and that we like monkeys.

Trust and open communication are key, if you can find a printer that’s wicked awesome on top of that, production is a breeze. Thanks, Jackie.

Click here to view the article on http://www.underconsideration.com/fpo Thanks @ucllc – TRON & GREASE

Void Magazine One Year Cover Illustration

After tackling an awesome shirt design project for Void Magazine earlier this year, the guys liked it so much that they decided to ask Grease to transform it into their One Year Anniversary Cover. So with that being said, grease dropped in the cover copy, threw one of those funny little birthday cone hats on the fish and stamped it with a One Year Anniversary Candle and the deed was done. So pick one (or two) up on stands everywhere May 1st 2011. Congrats to the fine folks at Void as well for making a year! – TRON

The Society of Killustrators Part 2

An awesome thing about getting invited to be a part of the Society of Killustrators is after you’re done you get to invite someone else. Lucky for me, Grease (aka Kendrick Kidd) chose me like smokey chose the bandit! My initiation assignment was to do a new interpretation of the album art for Creedence Clearwater Revival’s, Bayou Country. The image above is the final product, and after playing Creedence on loop in my head for the last too weeks, thats exactly where Im going, Down to the Bayou for some Gator Tail. And hopefully the person I referred will take the bait, cause we’ll all be eatin some visual crawfish dinners! – TRON

Some quick background info on The Society of Killustrators ( a loose group functioning on an invite-only basis that was built to hone a craft, further a trade, and stay in contact while playing a creative game with no winner. And a chance to see how people in our field answer the same riddles laid before them ).

Click here to view the other members take on this same assignment, they all turned out really great!

The Society of Killustrators


Earlier this month, Grease (aka Kendrick Kidd) got asked to join the elite Society of Killustrators ( a loose group functioning on an invite-only basis that was built to hone a craft, further a trade, and stay in contact while playing a creative game with no winner. And a chance to see how people in our field answer the same riddles laid before them ). Grease’s initiation assignment was to illustrate a mock cover for George Washington Carver’s “How to Grow the Peanut and 105 Ways of Preparing it for Human Consumption”. The image above is the final product, Mission Accomplished. It’s Peanut Butter Jelley Time Yall. – TRON

Click here to view the other members take on this same assignment, they all turned out really great!

Avett Brothers & Band Of Horses Gigposters



It’s that time of the year again, when spring is just around the corner and one of the best dang concert series this side of the Mason Dixon converges on a little town in Georgia you just might have heard of named Savannah, That’s right folks, The Savannah Music Festival! It feels like we just finished the the She & Him Poster from last year, but time flies when your having fun I guess. This year we are coming with double barreled guns blazing, slangin’ two new fresh posters for North Carolina’s own Avett Brothers and the Infinite Armed Band of Horses. So get your tickets and snag one or both of these bad boys at the shows! – TRON

PS. Both posters are hand screened on French Muscletone stock and size up to just about 18 x 24 inches!

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