Against Me! Cafe Eleven Show Poster 2012

We are stoked to be doing our second AGAINST ME! poster for our favorite little venue The Original Cafe Eleven in Saint Augustine, Florida. AGAINST ME! is one of my all time favorite bands, and having lived in Gainesville and North Florida, we have gotten to see our fare share of their shows. Some of my all time favorites would be the show I saw at the Elks Lodge In St. Augustine in 2006, where there wasn’t even a stage and the last show at Common Grounds was a pretty epic as well. And with this show being the first back in St. Augustine with the awesome Laura Jane Grace, Well lets just say we are more than honored to be a part of it. The show is already sold out, but the merch table is outside so you can purchase a poster withouth having tickets. We will also be selling what’s left after the show in our online store. – TRON!

Less Than Jake 20 Year Screened Poster

Done and Done! The Posters are screened and the 20 year Anniversary show in orlando is over. We had a tone of fun making this poster and the colors came out great. It is a 19×25 Two Color (Dark Grey / Yellow Gold) on some French Smart White 110 pound cover paper, First Ed. of 50. Thanks to Vinnie from Less Than Jake for letting us be a part of the show. Last one out of liberty city… burn it to the ground! – TRON

The posters are available in our store but until we get the leftovers back (if there are any) we only have 10 for sale, so if your a die hard LTJ fan like me you you better get on it! Click here to visit our online store!

Lefty’s Fabrication and Repair Signage

Grease recently did a logo for his Pop’s Fabrication and Repair Shop “Lefty’s” and he got to make it come to life this weekend by hand right in front of his Dad’s eyes! I think we are not alone when we say that most of our parents don’t really understand what we do or how we make a living as designers or illustrators until you do something they know or can see out in public or something especially for them. So it’s a good feeling when you can pay them back a little bit for all those years of schooling, tuition, and art supplies! – TRON

Less Than Jake – Hello Rockview x BTTF Poster

When Less Than Jake announced that they were going to be doing a 20 Year Anniversary Tour (seriously… 20 years!) in Florida I jumped at the chance to do a poster for one of the shows, so imagine my excitement when Vinnie wrote me back and asked if I wanted to be a part of the 20 Year Anniversary Poster show at the Beacham Theatre in Orlando, I lost my mind.

The concept was make a poster for the show that referenced something from Less Than Jake’s past. So choosing The Hello Rockview Album was a no Brain’er for me. Not only do I just love that album, the poster for it is pretty much the reason I met my wife, so I definitely owe it one. I’ve always loved the 50’s style retro/comic illustration style, and the similarities between the Hello Rockview Cover/Booklet and the Lyon Estates/Hill Valley signage from Back to the Future are just too close to not have crossed paths at some point. Plus LTJ has always been into referencing 80’s pop culture so the mashup just made sense. I also want to credit Steve Vance for the original illustrations of the people from the Hello Rockview album.

The poster show will feature 20 different limited-edition screenprinted pieces of art celebrating Less Than Jake, from influential artist such as Horsebites & Joe Simko. All of the 20 different designs will be hand-signed and numbered by the artists that created them. The posters will be limited to only 30 units of each design available at the Orlando event. Fans will be able to purchase posters beginning at the 6 p.m. door time and continuing throughout the night. Additional limited quantities of the posters will be available online for fans of the band who want to own a part of Less Than Jake history but don’t live in Florida.

Click here to read the whole newsletter about the poster show event and anniversary shows. – TRON!

Rhett & Link – Good Mythical Morning Rooster

Here’s a fun project I just finished up for Rhett & Link. “The comedic duo was looking for a graphic to rep. their Good Mythical Morning show intro and tee promo. After a few emails & texts we landed on the idea of the chicken-dragon or cockatrice as an appropriate mythical mascot. It’s always a ton of fun working with these guys, and I was really impressed with Eden Soto’s take on the animation. Big thanks to Rhett, Link & Eden for making the experience mythically awesome! Be sure to check out their Good Mythical Morning webisodes with your a.m. cup of coffee, it’s always a fun way to start your day. Hope you enjoy.” – Grease.

Love What You Do – Tees

We recently got asked to do a shirt design for our good friends for the #SHRM12 Conference (The largest HR conference in the WORLD) in Atlanta this weekend to represent thier brand and to encourage people to “Love What You Do”. is considered the eHarmony for hiring and will be at booth 3952 if you want to drop on by and try to wrangle yourself up one of these sweet shirts! visit the website to learn about a more ‘Scientific’ Method To Job Hunting – Thanks TRON!

Stop Talking Start Doing – Help Ink Poster

Grease was recently asked to be a part of an awesome Charity/Art concept called – a collaborative project, using the sale of premium and exclusive art to help charities in an exciting way. Each week, an exclusive piece of art, designed to inspire others to do good in the world, will be released and made available for purchase. Grease Piece titled “Start Doing” will be sending 40% of it’s profits to So get on over there and buy yourself this piece of goodness for a great cause. Thanks to for featuring us and making the world a better place! – TRON

Salvation Army Wardrobe – Apparel Design

Grease just finished up a super fun shirt design for The Salvation Army’s Wardrobe Project. For those of you who haven’t checked it out yet, here’s a few words from T.S.A.about the initiative:

“Using clothing as a canvas to impact the world; WARdrobe supports The Salvation Army’s global fight for social justice through art and apparel. WARdrobe has enlisted some of the hottest graphic artists from around the world and the roster continues to grow. These artists donate their time and talents to art projects that raise funds and awareness for different Salvation Army supported causes. The Salvation Army is a non-profit currently at work in over 120 countries. Whether caring for HIV/AIDS orphaned children in Tanzania or housing victims of human trafficking in Indonesia – The Salvation Army is committed to using creative solutions to meet human needs and positively transform lives without discrimination.”

Big thanks to Fulton Hawk for helping organize such a worthwhile effort, and letting Grease have a crack at one of the shirt designs! Keep an eye out for the shirt release in late July/August! – TRON.

Lucero Florida Tour Poster Printed!

Well folks, what can I say about these posters that I ain’t already said… Some Black, Some Blue and Some Brown. All printed, signed, and stamped ready to be delivered to tomorrow nights show in St. Augustine at Cafe Eleven. Don’t go wastin lighting by missing one of these badass prints. All 19×25 inches printed on some sturdy 100 lb French Kraft Speckletone Deliciousness. If for some reason you can’t make it out to one of the shows or these things sell out before you get one, we should have some artist copies up on the site after the tour is over. Just do yourself a favor, if you have heard of Lucero, go see them live. If you haven’t heard of them, listen then go see them live. They are seriously one of my all time favorite bands and it has been a real pleasure getting to do work for them… Cause it’s One Shot of Women, One Shot of Work, One shot’s sweeter but both can hurt Just let it go, kid just let it go! – TRON |

Spitfire Wheels Apparel Design by Grease!

Grease just recently finished up a project with the nice folks over at Deluxe, for Spitfire Wheels. “Can’t tell you how stoked I am to be working on a brand that I grew up with. It’s the kind of design nugget I’ve clamber for. Big thanks to Andy Pitts for the opportunity… always great to work with talented people on cool projects” – Grease Keep an eye out for this puppy, and more in the spring of 2013. Hope you enjoy. – TRON!

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