Brindle Dog Brewing Co – Packaging

Here’s some more fun from the Brindle Dog Brewing Co. project Grease (Kendrick Kidd) worked on in 2011/2012. It’s tough to go wrong when you’re designing for beer & man’s best friend. When the brewery’s owner approached us to help out with the brand & package design we were more than happy to take it!

In addition to the owner’s love for Dee Dee (aka Brindle Dog) he was also adamant about including themes from his home town, Tampa, Florida. After some noodling, we ended up with a Florida postcard esq. design solution. It allowed us to keep the continuity throughout all the pieces and also include the themes important to the owner. Big thanks to Kevin for the project… it was tons of fun. I can’t say enough good things about working with folks who have vision, but trust you enough to let you run. Hope you enjoy. – TRON!

B3AR Fruit – Apparel Lettering

Grease (Kendrick Kidd) had the pleasure of working with B3AR Fruit recently on a project for their winter apparel line. In addition to being all around nice folks, they’ve been cranking away on a crisp set of shirts to keep you fresh through the cold winter months. If you haven’t already, We definitely recommend taking a look through their growing inventory. It’s got some really nice stuff from some other artists as well.

They’ve also produced a nice little feature piece about the company recently that’s worth checking out. Keep a close eye on these folks in 2013, with a solid vision and the drive to succeed, seems like the best is yet to come. Click here to purchase this shirt over on right now! – TRON

The Invitation Company – Logo Exploration

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Sometimes, you get to work on really cool projects but they end up taking an unexpected turn or direction in the process and good logo’s get left behind… Like the island of misfit toys. But just because they will never get used for what they were intended doesn’t mean they should never get seen. We also like to show little misfires like this so that you can see some of our process as well. I personally think Grease (Mr Kendrick Kidd) laid the smack down on these little nuggets of goodness, But here they are for all to enjoy! – TRON

Brindle Dog Brewing Co – Identity & Apparel

Here’s a fun project Grease (Kendrick Kidd) spent some time on in 2011 for Brindle Dog Brewing Co. It’s tough to go wrong when you’re designing for beer and man’s best friend. When the brewery’s owner approached us to help out with the brand & package design we were more than happy to take on the work. Above are a few of the logo iterations we went through during the process and a shirt design. – TRON

Stitches & Screens Work Jacket Logo

A couple of years back we threw down and made a vintage looking logo for a friend of ours that owns a Screen Printing and Embroidery shop that exclusively prints all of the Halftone Def Apparel, and we finally convinced him to print it on some good ole Dickies Work Jackets and a few Coaches Jackets as well. Let’s be honest, this logo was born to live on one of these things… So tough. And with a tagline like “Established In Ink, Bound By Thread” from yours truly resting fearlessly at the bottom of a Grease E. Monkey made graphic, you’ve got one bad ass jacket just waiting to find itself doing about 90 on the open road. – TRON.

REAL Guts. REAL Skateboards by Grease

Grease recently had the opportunity to do some illustration work for Andy Pitts & REAL Skateboards. They’ve been running a Low Pro Deck series for a while now & had a need for some new filler in the form of zombie guts… and needless to say we were more than happy to oblige. Can’t say enough good things about working on projects like these. Hard to go wrong when your banging around designs with nice folks on skate projects. P.S. Rumors are the the slime is glow-in-the-dark ink. Give it a try and enjoy. – TRON!

The Modus Bearing Project by Grease

So it’s only fitting that a Bearing Company would call on Kendrick “Grease” Kidd to work on their new branding and apparel project from halfway across the world. The Australia based MODUS BEARING folks known for The Highest Quality Skateboard Bearings Since 2003 have been hard at work expanding their brand and soft goods over the last year and Halftone Def has been glad and thankful that we have had the opportunity to work such great folks! So keep an eye out for more from Modus and the Def but for now watch this rad video featuring the epic human that is John Rattray. Keep it south and dirty! – TRON

Visit to learn more about this roll fast and made to last bearing company!

Against Me! Cafe Eleven 2012 Gig Poster

Hell Yeah!!! If you missed this show, well… Im sorry to tell you that you missed on of the raddest AM shows in history. I’ve seen quite a few and this one was hands down the best. To quote Dan Andriano from Alkaline Trio “Against Me tore the roof off Cafe 11 tonight! So fucking good.” haha. I also got to see Dan take away one of these posters which fell pretty damn awesome. AM played a number of new songs which Im guessing was the first time being played live and ended with an onslaught of oldies that had the small but packed Cafe 11 Crowd thrashing the stage. When the last song “We laugh at Danger and Break All The Rules” played & Mrs. Laura Jane Grace had to hang from the rafters to sing, It was epic to watch. I was so proud to have been a part of this show. I sang till my voice was gone, the glass was empty, & the party was over – TRON!

Wether you couldn’t make it or just don’t live anywhere close, you can Click Here to Purchase One of these posters from our store and I’ll ship it to you in sturdy little tube straight from the dirty south!

Rightway Signs Apparel Lettering

Here’s a fun lettering project Grease is finishing up for Right Way Signs in Chicago. There are plans to print up some type shirts as a giveaway item at their grand opening in October. So stoked to work on lettering projects like this, it’s by far our favorite kind of work… big thanks to Alex, and hope you enjoy. – TRON

Venture “Get Up” Team Trucks by Grease

Grease just finished up a quick lettering project for Venture Trucks that started off as just a shirt design but got picked up to be on a set of trucks that are being called the “Get Up” trucks. “I’ve been having a lot of fun lately exploring different hand styles. Big thanks to Andy Pitts for throwing projects like this my way. Skate Apparel + Skate Trucks = Happiness. Hope you enjoy. – Grease aka Kendrick Kidd” – TRON

Venture is also having a contest to win a pair of these so hop on over Venture Trucks and Enter To Win!

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